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VaasavadattaA Name in Sanskrit Classics
VaatsyaayanAn Author of Old Times
VaayuThe Vital Air Wind
VachaspatiLord of Speech
VadishLord of the Body
VadivelAnother Name for God Murugan
VagadheekshaLord of Spokesmen
VageshLord of Speech
VagindraLord of Speech
VagishLord Brahma
VahinLord Shiva
VaidyanaathMaster of Medicines
VaidyanathMaster of Medicines
VaijnathLord Shiva
VaikartanName of Karna
VaikhanLord Vishnu
VaikunthVaikuntam The Abode of Lord Vishnu
VainavinLord Shiva
VairajSpiritual Glory
VairajaSon of Virat
VairinchyaLord Brahma's Son
VairochanLord Vishnu's Son
VaisakA Season
VaisakaA Season
VaishantQuiet and Shining Star
VaiwaswatOne of the Saints
VajasaniLord Vishnu's Son
VajendraLord Indra
VajraangDiamond Bodied
VajrabahuOne with Strong Arms
VajradharLord Indra
VajrahastLord Shiva
VajrajitLord Indra
VajrakaySturdy Like Metal Lord Hanuman
VajrakayaSturdy Like Metal Lord Hanuman
VajranakhaStrong Nailed
VajrangDiamond Bodied
VajrapaniLord Indra
VajrinLord Indra
VakpatiGreat Orator
VakrabhujLord Ganesh
VakratundAn Epithet of Ganesha
VakratundaCurved Trunk Lord
ValaakA Crane
ValakA Crane
ValanIngenious Resourceful
VallabhBeloved Dear
VallimayilanAnother Name for God Murugan Name of Lord Shanmukha
VallimuruganAnother Name for God Murugan
ValluvanAccomplished One
ValmekiAn Ancient Saint
ValmikThe Author of the Qpic Ramayana
ValmikiThe Author of the Qpic Ramayana
VamadevLord Shiva
VamanFifth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
VamdevName of a Shiva
VamsidharLord Krishna
VanabihariLord Krishna
VanadevLord of the Forest
VanajitLord of the Forest
VanamalinLord Krishna
VanijLord Shiva
VaninadhHusband of Saraswati
VaninathHusband of Saraswati
VanmaliAn Epithet of Krishna
VanshComing Generation of Father
VansheedharFlute Player
VansidharLord Krishna
VarGift Times As in a Many Times
VaraahAn Epithet of Vishnu
VaraahamihirAn Ancient Astronomer
VaradLord Ganesh God of Fire
VaradaraajAnother Name of Vishnu
VaradarajAnother Name of Vishnu
VaradavinayakaBestower of Success
VaradrajLord Vishnu
VaraganapatiBestower of Boons
VarahamihirAn Ancient Astronomer
VaranHoly River
VarapradaGranter of Wishes and Boons Granting Wishes
VardhamanLord Mahavir
VardhanLord Shiva
VareshLord Shiva
VareshvarLord Shiva
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