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YaalchelvanPride of Yaalpaanam
YaalmaniGem of Yaalpaanam
YaalvendanRuler of Yaalpaanam
YadavLord Krishna Descedent of Yadu
YadavendraLord Krishna
YaduAn Ancient King
YadunandanLord Krishna
YadunathLord Krishna
YadurajLord Krishna
YaduvirLord Krishna
YagnaCeremonial Rites to God
YagnakayaAcceptor of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings
YagneshGanesh Religious Leader
YagyasenName of King Drupad
YagyeshLord of the Sacrificial Fire Lord Fo the Sacrificial Fire
YajA Sage
YajatLord Shiva
YajnadharLord Vishnu
YajnarupLord Krishna
YajneshLord Vishnu
YamahilAnother Name Lord Vishnu
YamajitLord Shiva
YamajithAnother Name for Shiva
YashaskaramBestower of Fame and Fortune
YashodevLord of Fame
YashpalProtector of Fame
YashvasinThe Popular Lord Ganesha
YashwantOne who has Achieved Glory
YatharthReality Complete Truth Proper
YathavanLord Vishnu
YatindraLord Indra
YatishLord of Devotees
YatneshGod of Efforts
YaudhavirLord Krishna
YayinLord Shiva
YogadevaLord of Yoga
YogadhipaThe Lord of Meditation
YoganandDelighted with Meditation
YoganidraMeditation Meditation Sleep
YogendraGod of Yoga
YogeshGod of Yoga Source of Knowledge Lord Krishna Lord Shiva
YogiOne in Million Devotee
YoginOne who Practices Yoga
YoginampatiLord of the Yogis
YogineSaint A Name for Lord Hanuman
YogirajGreat Ascetic Lord Shiva
YudhajitVictor in War
YudhishthirEldest Pandava Brother
YudhisthirFirm in Battle
YugTime Age Generation
YugandharEver Lasting
YugantarFirm in Battle
YugmaTwins Zodiac Sign of Gemini
YuvarajPrince Heir Apparent
YuvrajPrince Heir Apparent
YuyutsuEager to Fight
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