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AadabHope and Need
AadhyaBeginning First Power
AadilakshmiGoddess Laxmi
AaditaFrom the Begining
AaditriGodess Laxmi
AadrikaGoddess Mountain
AadumayilFirst Preliminary Dancing Peacock
AadyaLight The Earliest Lord Shiva One who is Always First and Best Name of Adisakthi Goddess Parvati Name of Aadisakti
AaghnyaBorn from Fire Goddess Lakshmi
AahanaFirst Rays of the Sun Goddess Durga
AahladitaBubbling with Delight
AakaankshaWish or Desire
AakashiSky Colour
AakrtiHigh Tall Towering Excellent
AaliaExalted Highest Social Standing
AaliyaHigh Tall Towering Excellent
AamaalHopes Aspirations Wishes
AamaniSpring Season Vasanth Ritu
AananditaPurveyor of Joy
AanandswarupFull of Joy
AanchalShelter Protective Shelter of Mother
AanjaneyaSon of Anjani
AaptTrustworthy Friend Faithful
AaraadhanaWorship Prayer
AaradhakWorshipper of God Worshiper
AaradhayaRegard To Worship Name of an Ornament
AaratiTowards the Highest Love for God Form of Worship Divine Fire in Ritual
AaratrikaDusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
AaravPeaceful Good Personality Ray Hope
AarifAcquainted Knowledgeable Devotee Knowing Aware
AaritOne who Seeks the Right Direction Respectable Man Intelligent
AarizRespectable Man Intelligent Leader of the Nation Sacred Diving
AarpitTo Donate
AarthThe Meaning Red Glimpse God
AartiPrayer Form of Worship
AaruniLine on Any Particular Raaga from Tamil Dawn
AarunyaSunshine First Ray of the Sun
AarushiFirst Ray of the Sun First Ray of Sun
AaruthiraMellowness Tranquility Softness
AaryaLines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit Princess Goddess Parvati / Durga
AaryanOf Utmost Strength Kind Hearted Good to Others Illustrious
AashaWish Hope
AashalataCreeper of Hope
AasharyaSon of the Sun
AashiSmile Love Full Smile
AashimaOne who is Full of Hope
AashiryaFrom the Land of God
AashishBlessings Blessing
AashiyanaBeautiful Home Small Dwelling Nest
AashmanSon of the Sun
AashnaHope Devoted to Love
AashrithaHelping Nature Somebody who Gives Shelter
AashutoshOne who Fulfills Wishes Instantly On Seat
AashviGoddess Saraswati
AasinCalling Himself
AasmaaExcellent Precious
AasthaFaith Believe Devotee of God Unknown
AatamgoshInner Light
AatbodhSon Lord Brahma Vishnu
AathmikaRelated to Aathma or Soul Related to Aatma
AatikahKind Affectionate
AatishFireworks Explosive Dynamic Person Name of Lord Ganesh
AatishaFireworks Similar to Aatish
AatmabusSelf Protected Selfe Protected
AatmasharanOne who Cantrol his Conscience
AatmeshwarSelfe Respect Self Respect
AatreyaName of a Sage
AayaushiLong Life
AayuSpan of Life Long Life
AayushiFull Moon One with Long Life
AbdealiFollower of Ali
AbdhijaBorn in Sea Goddess Lakshmi
AbedWorshipper Adorer Worshiper
AbedinWorshippers Worshiper
AbeerColour Fragrance
AberassithanUnbeatable God
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