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 Kannada Girl Names  :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
AbhaShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AbhatiSplendour Light
AbhavLord Shiva Having the Ability to be Diffrent
AbhayanandaDelighting in Fearlessness Delighting in Fearless
AbhayapradaBestower of Safety Another Name for Vishnu
AbhiFearless Better than Best
AbhibhavaOverpowering Powerful Victorious Face Like Moon
AbhicandraHaving a Moon Like Face With a Moon Like Face
AbhidhaName Word Sound Literal Meaning
AbhidharmHighest Dharma
AbhidhyaWish Longing
AbhidiRadiant Expression Word Name
AbhignaPrecious Knowledgeable Lighting
AbhigyaWise One Expert Adept
AbhigyaanSource of Knowledge
AbhijataWell Born Well Born (Woman)
AbhijayaConquest Complete Victory Victorious
AbhijitaVictorious Woman
AbhijnaRemembrance Recollection
AbhijvalaBlazing Forth
AbhikBeloved Fearless
AbhilaasaWish Desire
AbhilaashLord Vishnu
AbhilaashaWish Desire
AbhilasaDesire Wish
AbhilashWish Desire
AbhimThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat
AbhimaniFull of Pride Another Name for Agni as the Eldest Son of Brahma Who Possess Pride
AbhimanyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat Son of Arjuna A Warrior
AbhimodaJoy Delight
AbhinabhasFamous Renowned
AbhinandanGreetings Felicitous Welcoming
AbhinandanaFelicitous Happiness Good Wishes
AbhinathaLord of Desires Another Name for Kama
AbhinavInnovative Creative New Nice Person Quite New Novel Young An Act
AbhinavaNew Young Fresh Modern A Sakta Notable for his Great Leaning and Spiritual Attainment
AbhinithiThat which is Already been Performed Friendship
AbhiniveshDesire Love
AbhiprithiFull of Love
AbhipsaTo Know about God Desire
AbhiraCowherd Cow-herd
AbhiraamPleasing Lovely
AbhiramLovely Pleasing Handsome
AbhiramiGoddess Gouri Goddess Parvati
AbhirathGreat Charioteer
AbhiriA Raagini of Indian Music
AbhiroopHandsome Pleasant
AbhirupPleasant Look Pleasing
AbhisriTo Spread Brightness Surrounded by Glory Shining Powerful
AbhithaFearless Goddess Parvati
AbidahWorshipper Devotee
AbigailHead of a Monastery Father's Joy Gives Joy The Intelligent Father of Exaltation Father in Rejoicing
AbiramiFriendly Goddess Laxmi
AbishtaLady of the House
AbjaBorn in Water
AblaaPerfectly Formed A Flower
AboilThe Name of a Flower
AboliA Flower
AbraFire Cloud Lesson A Kind of Boat Example Father of a Multitude
AchiraVery Short
AciraBrief Swift Fast
AdalarasuKing of Dance
AdaleruBrave One who Never been Crushed
AdamyaFormidable Brave United
AdaraVirgin Beauty Fire Noble
AdarshPerfection Excellence Ideal
AdeelJudge Honest Just Equal Derived from Adeline
AdeepLight The Light that Never Gets off
AdelRighteous Upright Sincere Justice Noble Equal Alike God is Eternal High-born Brave Nobility
AdelaNobility Noble Kind Softer Small Winged One
AdhamBlack Son of the Red Earth
AdhijMaster King
AdhikGreater More than One
AdhikaraPrincipal Controller
AdhikshitThe Head Chief
AdhipKing The Light
AdhipaKing Ruler
AdhiraImpatient Lightning
AdhiranshuA King
AdhirohanName of a King
AdhishaktiGlorious Goddess Parvathi
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