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EcchumatiA River
EdhaA Type of Wood Sacred Holy
EdhithaProgressed Increased
EeshaGoddess Parvati Purity
EhimayaAn All Pervading Intellect
EilaEarth The Earth
EiravatiLightening Ravi River
EkaLord Vishnu Matchless Alone Unique
EkaaGoddess Durga
EkadhanaA Portion of Wealth
EkajaThe Only Child
EkantaDevoted Peace Devoted Girl
EkanthaName of Lord Shiva Lovely
EkanthikaDevoted to One Aim
EkantikaSingly Focused
EkaparanaWife of Himalaya
EkaparnikaGoddess Durga
EkataFirst Single Unity
EkishaOne Goddess
EktaPoet Saint Unity Union One
EktaaUnity Beauty
EkviraQueen Fish
ElaGod is My Oath Stone All Completely God is Perfection God is Wow Order Beauty Harmony Hazel Cardamom Tree Earth
ElampiraiYoung Crescent
ElavarasiYouthful Princess
ElinaWoman with Intelligence Pure Intelligent Light Torch Moon Moon Elope
EmmaIndustrious All-containing Universal Embracing Everything Whole Entire All
EreshvaRighteous Honest Sincere
EshaPleasure Desire
EshanaLord Shiva Search
EshanaviGoddess Parvati
EshaniGoddess Parvathi Close to God
EshanikaFulfilling Desire
EshankaParvati-wife of Shiva
EshikaAn Arrow A Dart
EshitaOne who Desires
EshwariGod Like Goddess Parvati
EsitaDesired One who Desires
EswariHindu Goddess Name Goddess Parvati Wife of God Siva
EtaPainted Shining Luminous
EvaLife To Live To Breath Good News Form of Eve Beloved Living One Breath of Life Life-giving
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