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HaadiyaGuide to Righteousness
HaalaAureole Lunar Halo Glory
HaasinaBeautiful Attractive Girl
HadiyaGift Guide to Righteousness
HaifaSlender Of Beautiful Body Slim Well-shaped Delicate
HaimaSnow Frost Dew Golden Goddess Parvati
HaimavatiParvati Lord Shiva's Wife
HaimiGolden Goddess Parvati Snow
HaleemaGentle Patient Sympathetic Mild Humane
HameedaPraiseworthy Commendable
HamsaSwan Swan Hamsavahini
HamsiniOne who Rides a Swan Goddess Saraswati
HanaBrahma Happiness Flower Blossom Graceful Merciful Grace of God Unexpected Fortune Love Favourite A Type of Flower Felicity Form of Johanna
HaneefaTrue Believer
HaniHappy Content Delighted Droplet
HanimaA Wave
HaniyaPleased Happy Encampment Resting Place
HansamalaA Line or Row of Swans
HansanandiniDaughter of the Swan
HansaveniAnother Name for Saraswathi
HansdhwaniVocal Sound of Swan
HansujaGoddess Lakshmi
HanuHanumant Hanumaan Happy and New Lord Hanuman
HardikaHearty Welcome Wonderful Similar to Hardik Full of Love
HardiniNear of Hart
Hari-PriyaGoddess Laxmi Liked to Vishnu
HaribalaDaughter of Lord Vishnu
HarigangaBlessed by Lord Vishnu Ganga of Vishnu
HarijathaFair Haired
HarikaBeloved by Indra Wonderful
HarimantiBorn in the Season of Hemanta
HarinakshiDoe-eyed One with Eyes Like Deer
HariniBeautiful Like Deer Who's Really Good at Math Female Deer Lakshmi Wife of Lord Vishnu Deer Like
HaripriyaConsort of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi
HarleenaThinking of God at All Times
HarleyFrom the Hare's Meadow The Long Field Hare Clearing Heap of Rocks Name of a Place
HarseeratGod's Wisdom
HarshadaGiver of Joy or Pleasure One who Brings Happiness Giver of Joy
HarshalLover Glad
HarshitaJoyous Who Brings Happiness Happy Joyful
HarshithaHappiness Full of Joy
HasanthiOne that Delights
HasinaGood Cheerful Beautiful Pretty
HasitaDelighted Happy Full of Laughter
HasnaLaughing Beautiful Pretty
HatishaWith No Desire
HavishaGod Lakshmi
HayaamDeliriously in Love
HeenaMehendi Henna Myrtle
HeerkaniSmall Diamond
HelenaLight Torch Sun Ray Corposant Bright One Shine One Spiritual Light
HemadriMountain of Gold Also the Himalaya Golden Hills
HemakshiGolden Eyes
HemalataGolden Creeper
HemalathaLord Shiva Golden
HemaliTo Bring Wealth
HemamaliniGarlanded with Gold
HemangiGolden Body
HemanginiGirl with Golden Body
HemaniGoddess Parvati
HemantiEarly Winter Born in the Hemant Season
HemanyaGold Bodied Golden Bodied
HemaprabhaGolden Light
HemashriOne with Golden Body
HemavatiGoddess Parvati
HemkantaGolden Girl
HemlataGolden Creeper
HenaFlower On who is Polite A Flower Troubling
HennaGolden Creeper Home Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor God was Gracious God has Favoured Me Mehendi
HeraQueen of Gods
HetaLove Battle
HetalCheerful Friendly Love
HetiFlame Sun Ray
HibaGift Present
HibhaStrong Like a Elephant
HimaHima Snow Winter Bindu
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