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MadhaviA Creeper with Beautiful Flowers Springtime Sweet Honey Daughter of Yayati Spring Time
MadhuHoney Nectar Beauty Girl Sharp Mind
MadhubalaSweet Girl
MadhuchandaPleasing Metrical Composition
MadhuchhandaA Flowering Creeper
MadhuksaraOne who Showers Honey
MadhulataSweet Creeper
MadhulikaNectar Honey
MadhumalatiFlowering Creeper
MadhumathiDelight Moon
MadhumatiFull of Honey
MadhumitaSweet Girl Full of Honey
MadhumithaSweet Person
MadhunishaPleasant Night
MadhupriyaFond of Honey
MadhurSweet Melodious
MadhuraSweet Pleasant Sugar
MadhuriSweetness Honey Sweet
MadhurimaSweet Girl
MadhushriBeauty of Spring
MadinaLand of Beauty
MadirakshiWoman with Intoxicating Eyes
MadriWife of Pandu
MaduraBird A Bird
MaganaDelightful Engrossed
MageshwariName of a God
MaghiGiving Gifts
MahaGazelle Wild Cow Resembling the Moon Beautiful Eyes Shining Great Large Eyes
MahabhadraGanga River
MahadeviGoddess Durga
MahagangaThe Great Ganga
MahagauriGoddess Durga
MahakaliGoddess Durga
MahamatiOne with Big Brain Ganesh Extremely Intelligent Very Clever
MahamayaGreat Illusion Goddess Durga
MahasriGoddess Laxmi
MahaswetaGoddess Saraswati
MahatiGreat Power Name of Narada Maharshi's Thamboora
MahekFragrance Good Smell Khushboo
MahendiA Paste of Leaves
MaheshiGoddess Parvati
MaheshwariGoddess Durga
MaheswariConsort of Lord Shiva
MahiThe World God of Victory Great Earth Heaven and Earth Conjoined
MahijubaA Hostess
MahimaGlorious Greatness
MahinThe Earth Greatest Related to the Moon
MahithaGreatness Quite
MahiyaLover Someone whom You Love Joy
MahtaOne Resembling the Moon
MahuaAn Intoxicating Flower
MahubalaSweet Girl
MahuyaName of a Beautiful Flower
MaimoonaAuspicious Blessed Safe Trustworthy
MainaA Bird
MaisaWalking with Proud Swinging Gait
MaitraFriend Friendly
MaitreyaFriend The Name of a Sage
MaitreyiName of a Woman Scholar
MaitryFriendship and Joy
MajeedaGlorious Respected Eternal Powerful
MajidaGlorious Splendid Noble Glory
MakaarimOf Good and Honourable Character
MakaliThe Moon
MalaGarland Dirt Rubbish Bad One Meeting Hall Necklace Row Line String
MalaikaAngel Small Child
MalakAngel Messenger
MalarviliBeautiful Eyes Like a Flower
MalarvizhiCute Eyes
MalashreeAn Early Evening Melody
MalasriWoman Wearing a Garland
MalatiA Creeper with Fragrant Flowers Small Fragrant Flower
MalavikaPrincess of Malava Kingdom Princess of Malawa
MalayaA Forest A Creeper
MalihaStrong Beautiful Pleasant Charming Princess of Malawa
MalikaA Garland Flower Industrious Necklace Intoxicating Drink Queen Owner The Mogra
MalinaTower Dark Name of a River Honey Raspberry Woman from Magdala From the High Tower
MaliniFragrant Florist A River A Garland-maker
MalisaBalm Lemon Balm Mint
MalliFlower As Pure as Jasmine Flower
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