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RaajeevBlue Lotus
RaajyashreePropriety of a King
RaakaaDay of the Full Moon
RaakeshLord of the Night
RaamLord Rama God Supreme Spirit
RaamaanujYounger Brother of Rama
RaamdattGift of Rama
RadhakantaLord Krishna
RadhakrishnaRadha and Krishna
RadhavallabhLord Krishna
RadheshLord Krishna
RadheshyamLord Krishna
RaghavLord Rama
RaghbirWarrior of the Raghu Family
RaghuThe Family of Lord Rama An Ancient King of Avadh
RaghukumaraLord Ram
RaghunandanSon of Rahgu
RaghunathLord Rama
RaghupatiLord Rama
RaghuveerLord Rama
RaghuvirLord Rama
RahulEfficient Conqueror of Miseries Name of Goutam Buddha's Son Bond in Affection Capable Son of Lord Buddha The Son of Durga Most Mysterious Vastu Grah 'Rahu'
RaivataA Manu
RajKingdom King Secret
RajaneeshGod of Night Moon
RajanikantMoon Lord of Night Sun
RajasMastery Fame Pride
RajatSilver Courage Silver Courage
RajatanabhiVery Rich Lord Vishnu
RajatshubhraWhite as Silver
RajdeepBest of Kings
RajeevBlue Lotus
RajendraKing Indra King A Mighty King Emperor King of Kings
RajeshGod of Kings King
RajitBrilliant Decorated
RajivLotus Flower
RajnishMoon Lord Chandra (Moon) Lord of Night
RajrishiKing's Sage
RajuKing Prosperity
RakeshThe Moon Lord of the Night Sun Friendship Brand
RaktakamalA Red Lotus
RamMale Sheep Lord Rama One who Pleases The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha The Hero of Indian Mythology Called Ramayana Pleasing Charming Good Guy Obedient
RamadeepLord Rama
RamadhutaAmbassador of Rama
RamakaantLord Vishnu
RamakantBeloved of Rama
RamakantaLord Vishnu
RamakrishnaPleasing Krishna
RamanBeloved Pleasing Cupid Wise Protector Comfort Repose Strong Person
RamanujLord Krishna Lord Laxman
RamanujaLord Krishna Born After Rama Lakshman
RamashrayLord Vishnu Protected by Rama
RamavatarReincarnation of Lord Rama
RamchandraLord Rama
RamdasDevotee of Rama
RameshLord Rama Lord Vishnu
RameshwarLord Shiva
RamgopalLord Rama One who Pleases Similar to Ram
RamkishoreLord Rama
RamkrishnaLord Rama Krishna
RamkumarLord Rama
RammohanLord Rama
RamnathLord Rama
RamojiLord Rama
RamprasadLord Rama
RampratapLord Rama
RamratanLord Rama
RamswaroopLord Rama
RanaJoy Jewel To Gaze Look
RanadevaLord of Battles
RandheerOne who Shows Bravery and Boldness in War
RaneshLord Ganesh Lord Shiva
RanganathLord Vishnu
RanjeetVictor in Wars The Delighted One Victorious One who is Entertains
RantidevDevotee of Narayana
RanveerWinner The Brave Warrior
RasHead An Ethiopian Title Loved Desired Sweet
RaseshLord Krishna
RasmaruLord Krishna
RasrajKing of Flavours
RatannabhaLord Vishnu
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