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KaajalMascara Surma
KaalakaDurga Pupil of the Eye
KaamakyaDurga Granter of Wishes
KadambiniAn Array of Clouds Garland of Clouds
KaishoriGoddess Parvati
KajalKohl Collyrium Black Eyeliner
KajalaEyeliner Soot
KajjaliEye Liner
KajolKohl Collyrium Beautiful Eyes Eye Liner
KajriCloud Like
KakaliChipping of Birds
KakoliChirping of Birds at Dawn Preaching of Birds
KalaThe Fine Arts Talent The Sun Time Fate Dark Blue Black Princess Lady Most Beautiful Art
KalakarniLakshmi With Black Ears
KalapiName of a Poet Peacock Nightingale
KalapiniPeacock Night
KalavatiParvati Artist
KalikaBeyond Death Long Lived A Bud Name of a Godess Kalli
KalimaSpeaker Mouthpiece Blackness The Mother Kali
KalindiYamuna River
KallolShouts of Joy Large Waves Gurgling of Water
KalpanaIdea Imagination Fancy
KalyaniBeautiful Auspicious Blessed Blissful Fortunate
KamakshiA Devi Same as Lalita One with Loving Eyes Goddess Parvati Goddess Lakshmi
KamalLotus Flower Perfection Excellence Utmost Level Completeness Loveable Completion Lotus
KamalaBorn of the Lotus The Garden Goddess Born of a Lotus Desirous Beautiful
KamalakshiOne whose Eyes are Beautiful Like Lotuses
KamalikaLakshmi Lotus
KameshvariParvati The Lord of Desires
KaminiBeautiful Woman Desired Wish A Beautiful Woman
KanaName of a Demi God Plant Youthful Beautiful An Atom Powerful
KanakabatiA Fairy-tale
KanakapriyaOne who Loves Gold
KanaklataGolden Creeper
KanakpriyaLover of Gold
KananForest a Garden Dark Forest
KananbalaNympth of the Forest
KanchanaGold That which Shines
KanchanprabhaGolden Light
KanchiA Waistband
KanishkaName of a King Gold
KankaliniOne with Necklace of Bones
KankanaA Bracelet
KannakiDevoted and Virtuous Wife
KantaRadiant A Beautiful
KantiLight Lustre
KanyakaDurga The Youngest Girl Maiden Daughter
KanyakumariThe Eternal Virgin
KapilaTawny Reddish Brown Name of the Celestial Cow
KapotakshiEyes Like a Pigeon's
KarabiA Flower
KaralaDurga Opening Wide Tearing
KaralikaDurga That which Tears
KareenaPure White Flower Compassionate
KarlaPeasant Farmer Strong Little Womanly Free Woman
KarnapriyaSomething that is Sweet to Our Ears Sweet to the Ears
KarthiaeiniIndian Goddess Name
KarukaHeavenly Piece of Art
KarunaKindly Compassion Mercy
KarunamayeeFull of Pity for Others
KarunyaCompassion Compassionate Merciful
KashiLuminous Pilgrimage Spot Varanasi The Holy City
KashikaThe Shiny One
KashishAn Attraction
KashmiraFrom Kashmir Grape The Holy City
KasturiMusk A Fragrant Material Earth Scented with Musk
KathyayaniGoddess Parvathi
KatyayaniGoddess Parvati
KausalyaMother of Rama
KaushalyaMother of Rama
KaushikiEnveloped with Silk Goddess Durga
KaustubhiStone in Lord Vishnu's Necklace
KautiryaDurga One who Resides in a Hut
KaveriA River
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