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BaalaarkThe Rising Sun
BaalkrishanYoung Krishna
BaalveerStrong Powerful
BaanbhattName of an Ancient Poet
BabarLion King of Jungle
BadalCloud Rain
BadarFull Moon Fresh Green
BadarayanRishi Ved Vyas
BadarujSweet Basil
BadinjanEgg Plant
BadriLord Shiva Lord Vishnu
BadrinathLord of Mount Badri Lord Vishnu
BadruBorn at the Full Moon Full Moon
BahadurBrave Bold Brave and Courageous Honourable
BahubaliA Jain Tirthakar
BahulA Star
BahuleyLord Karthikeya
BahuleyaLord Kartikeya
BahuliyaLord Kartikeya
BahumanA Prize
BahumanyaHonoured by Many
BahuraiWith Great Riches
BaidyanathLord Shiva
BajarangA Name of Lord Hanumaan
BajrangA Name of Lord Hanuman
BajrangbaliStrength of Diamond
BalaadityaYoung Man
BalachandraCrescent Moon
BalachandravThe Crescent Moon
BaladevaYoung God
BaladhiDeep Insight
BaladityaRisen Sun Young Sun
BalagopalBaby Krishna
BalagovindYoung Cow-herd Infant Krishna Baby Krishna
BalakrishnaYoung Krishna
BalamohanOne who is Attractive
BalaramThe Brother of Lord Krishna
BalashankarYoung Lord Shiva
BalbhadraBrother of Krishna
BalchandraYoung Moon
BalenduAssenting Moon
BaliPowerful Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Monkey King Brave Lord of Strength
BalindraPrahlad's Grandson
BalkishanYoung Krishna Lord Krishna in his Childhood
BalkrushnaLord Krishna
BalramKrishna's Brother
BalvantPowerful Strong Full of Might
BalvindraStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BalwanStrong Person
BandhuFriend Relation
BankeLord Krishna
BankebihariLord Krishna
BankimchandraHalf Moon Charming but Shrewd
BanshidharLord Krishna
BansidharLord Krishna
BansilalLord Krishna
BanwariLord Krishna
BaridbaranColour of Cloud
BarindraThe Ocean
BarsaatWelcome Rain
BarunLord of the Sea
BasavBull Mighty Masculine A Minister of a Jaina King who Developed Vira-saiva System
BasavrajLord of Bulls
BashirHarbinger of Good Things One who Gives Good News Well-educated Wise
BashishtaA Sage
BavyeshLord of the World
BhadrakapilLord Shiva
BhadrakshOne with Beautiful Eyes
BhadrangBeautiful Body
BhadrashreeSandalwood Tree
BhadreshLord Shiva
BhadyogaA Sage
BhagadityaSun which Grants Riches
BhagavaanOf Good Fortune The Lord
BhageerathA King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to Earth
BhageshLord of Richness
BhagirathOne who Brought River Ganga to the Earth
BhagvanOf Good Fortune The Lord
BhagvanthThe God
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