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GadhadharName of Lord Vishnu
GadinLord Krishna
GaganSky Heaven Load Murugan
GaganchandraThe Moon in the Sky
GagandeepakThe Lamp of the Sky
GaganeshLord Shiva
GaganjyotLight of the Sky
GagansindhuOcean of the Sky
GaganvihariOne who Stays in Heaven
GagneshSon of Lord Shiva
GahanLord Vishnu
GajaadharOne who can Command an Elephant Elephant Tamer
GajaananElephant Faced Lord Ganesha
GajaanandLord Ganesh
GajamukhaElephant Faced Ganesh
GajananLord Ganesh
GajananaFaced Like an Elephant
GajanandLord Ganesh
GajbaahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajbahuWho has Strength of an Elephant
GajendranathOwner of Gajendra
GajkaranLike Ears of Elephant
GajpatiMaster of Elephant Lord Ganesha
GajrupLord Ganesh
GajvadanName of Lord Ganesha
GalavTo Worship
GambheerDeep Serious
GambhirDeep Serious
GanakAn Astrologer
GanakaOne who Calculates
GanapathiLord Ganesha
GanapatiLord Ganesh
GanarajLord of the Clan
GandeshaLord of Fragrance
GandhaaA Sweet Smelling
GandhamadhanName of a Mountain Mountain Part
GandharajKing of Fragrance
GandharvCelestial Musician Master in Music
GandharvaCelestial Musician
GandhivIlluminator of the Earth
GandivaConquers the Earth
GanendraLord of a Troop
GaneshLord Ganesh Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
GangadattGift of the Ganges
GangadharLord Shiva
GangaduttGift of Ganga
GangeshLord Shiva
GangeshaLord of Ganga
GangeyaOf the Ganga
GangolA Precious
GanmanyaRespected Honoured
GannaathAn Epithet of Shiva
GannathAn Epithet of Lord Shiva
GannonLight Skinned Fair-skinned Fair The God of Silence
GanyaGarden of the Lord Notable Important Person
GaralakantShiva's Son
GargName of a Saint
GarudThe King of Bird Falcon A Large Mythical Bird King of Birds
GatikFast Progressive
GauheshGod Mahesh and Gauri in this Name
GauraangA Fair One Husband of Gauri / Parvati Lord Shiva
GaurangFair Complexioned Avtar of Lord Krishna Part of Lord Shiva One of the Names of Ganesh A Fair One Husband of Gauri (Parvati) Lord Shiva
GauravHonour Pride Respect Prestige
GauravaPride Respect
GaureshA Name of Lord Shiva
GaurikantHusband of Gauri
GaurinandanSon of Gauri Lord Ganesh
GaurishankarPeak of the Himalayas
GaurisutaSon of Gauri Lord Ganesha
GavendraLord of Oxen Bull
GavirangaLord Ranganath
GavishtAbode of Light
GhalibExcellent Winner Conqueror Victorious Triumphant Another Name for God
GhanaanandHappy Like Cloud
GhananandHappy Like Cloud
GhanashyamLord Krishna
GhanavanthDignified Person
GhanendraLord of Clouds Lord Indra
GhanshyamLord Krishna
GhritkeshThe Fire God
GhusmeshLord Shiva
GihanApproachable Generous
GirdhariLord Krishna
GiridharOne who Holds Mountain Lord Krishna
GiridhariAnother Name of Lord Krishna The Lifter of Govardhan Hill
GirijanandanSon of Girija Lord Ganesh
GirijeshGod of Mountain
GirikLord Shiva
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