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IbhananElephant Faced
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IbraheemA Prophet's Name The Biblical Abraham is the English Language Equivalent
IbrahimMy Father is Exalted Arabic Form of Abraham Father of Many Father of a Multitude or Many Nations A Prophet's Name Abraham Earth
IdaspatiGod of Rain Vishnu
IdrisStudious Person One who Instruct Lord A Prophet's Name Eager Lord Impulsive Lord of Fiery Prophet's Name
IhitPrize Honour
IieshLord of Earth
IjayLord Vishnu
IlamaranYouthful Brave
IlancheliyanFull of Youthful Potential
IlashpastiLord of the Earth
IleshLord of Earth
IlisaKing of the Earth Queen of the Earth
ImranBeautiful Prosperity Father of Moses A Prophet's Name Powerful Prosperous
ImthyazThe Chosen One
InakantaBeloved of Sun
IndeevarBlue Lotus
IndeeverBlue Lotus
InderThe God of Weather and War Lord of the Devas
IndivarBlue Lotus
IndraarjunBright and Brave Indra
IndradattGift of Indra
IndraduttGift of Indra
IndradyumnSplendour of Indra
IndrajeetLord Indra Conqueror
IndrajitConquerer of Indra
IndrakeelA Mountain
IndrasenEldest of the Pandavas
IndratanAs Strong as Indra
IndrothAnother Name of Sage Shounak
IndubhavLord Shiva
IndubhushanHaving the Moon as an Ornament God Shiva
IndudharName of a God Eashwar
InduhasanLike a Moon
IndujMercury Planet
IndukanthHandsome Like Moon
IndulalMoon's Lustre
IndumalLord Shiva
IndushekharCrested Moon
IneshKing of Kings
InukantBeloved of the Sun
IraiyavanBlessed by the Supreme
IrajLord Hanuman
IravanKing of Ocean
IravatRain Clouds
IreshLord of Earth Vishnu
IrfanWisdom Gratefulness Knowledgeable Learning Prodigy Iron Heart
IriHanuman Son of Wind God
IrithOf Wind Scent
IsaiarasuKing of Music
IsaivalanSkilled Musician
IsarEminent Lord Shiva
IshLord Vishnu
IshaanLord Shiva The Sun One who Bestows Wealth
IshanLord Shiva Sun
IshayuFull of Strength Sun
IshitOne who Desires to Rule
IshmaelSon of Abraham God Hears In the Bible Ismael was Son of Abraham by Sarah's Egyptian Slave Woman Hagar God will Hear God Listens God
IshtarthLove Affection
IshuA Ray of Light Angel Sweet Lovely Beautiful
IshwarPowerful The Supreme God
ItishSuch a Lord
IyyappanLord Iyyappan Youthful
IzharSubmission Clearness Oil
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