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MaadhavAnother Name of Krishna
MaaghName of a Hindu Month
MaalavKeeper of Horses
MaalolamConqueror of Madhu
MaalolanName of Deity in Ahobilam
MaanHeart Mind Lecturer Respect
MaandhataAn Ancient King
MadanaGod of Love Cupid Manmatha
MadanagopalaHandsome Cow-herd
MadanapalLord of Love
MadangopalLord Krishna
MadanmohanAttractive and Lovable
MaderuWorthy of Praise
MadeshLord Shiva
MadhavSweet Like Honey Lord Krishna
MadhavanLord Shiva
MadhavdasServant of Lord Krishna
MadhubanLord Vishnu
MadhuchandraHoney Moon
MadhughoshHoney Nectar
MadhuhanLord Vishnu
MadhukA Honeybee
MadhukantWith a Sweet Voice Moon
MadhukarHoney Bee Lover
MadhumayConsisting of Honey
MadhumitraHoney Bee
MadhupAttraction A Honeybee
MadhupuspaA Spring Flower
MadhuramohanShri Krishna
MadhuranathLord Krishna
MadhurankHoney Bee Lover
MadhusoodanName of Lord Krishna
MadhusudanLord Krishna
MadhusudhanaDestroyer of Madhu Lord Sri Krishna
MadurA Bird
MadurankLovely Scene
MagadhSon of Yadu
MahabaliOf Great Power
MahadevMost Powerful God Lord Shiva
MahajA Nobel Descent
MahakayaGigantic Lord Hanuman
MahaketuLord Shiva
MahakramLord Vishnu
MahalingamLord Shiva
MahamaniLord Shiva
MahamatiOne with Big Brain Ganesh Extremely Intelligent Very Clever
MahanThe Great One
MahanidhiA Great Treasure House
MahankPeace Moon
MahapurushGreat Being Lord Rama
MaharanthPollen Inside a Flower
MaharshiA Great Saint
MaharthVery Truthful
MaharushiGreat Sage
MahatapasGreat Meditator
MahatapaswiWith Severe Penance
MahatejaswiVery Bright Person
MahatruLord Vishnu
MahaveerHain Guru Founder of Jain Religion
MahavilThe Sky
MahavirMost Courageous Among Men A Jain Prophet Also the Super Courageous One Lord Mahavir
MaheedharAnother Name of Lord Vishnu
MaheepatiThe King
MahendraIndra Lord Vishnu
MaheshGod of Love Lord Shiva Dashing A Great Ruler Supreme God
MaheshwarLord Shiva
MaheshwaramLord of the Universe
MahidharAdisesh Vishnu
MahijithConqueror of the Earth
MahilanCheerful Happy Optimistic
MahindraA King
MahipalA King
MahirExpert Industrious Skilled
MahirajRuler of the World
MahishA King Ceremoniously Crowned King
MahishmatGrandfather of Sahararjuna
MajmanGreatness Majesty
MakarandHoney Bee Pollen
MakheshLord Krishna
MakulA Bud
MalaisamiGod of the Hills God Murugan
MalayA Mountain of Sandalwood's Tree Located Near Mysore
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