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JacintaHyacinth Purple Flower Name Beautiful
JagadambaMother of the Universe
JagadambikaGoddess Durga
JagadeeshwariGoddess Lalithamba
JagamataMother of the World Goddess Durga
JagamohiniOne who Attracts the World Goddess Durga
JaganmataMother of the World
JaganmayeeGoddess Lakshmi
JaganmohiniGoddess Durga
JagaviBorn of the World
JagdeepLight of the Universe Light of the World
JagrutiAwareness Awakening Vigilance
JahanaraQueen of the World
JahnaviRiver Ganga
JaidhwaniShout of Victory
JaikirtiGlory of Victory
JailekhaA Record of Victory
JaimalGarland of Victory Glory with the Union of God
JaimathiVictorious Mind
JaimatiVictorious Mind
JainaThe Lord is Gracious Jehovah has been Gracious Has Shown Favor Ganga River Good Character Gift of God
JaipriyaBeloved of Victory
JaishilaCharacter of Victory
JaishreeVictory of Lord Rama Honour of Victory
JaisnaviGoddess of Victory
JaisudhaNectar of Victory
JaitashriName of a Music Raaga
JaivantiLong Lived Being Victorious
JaivatiBearer of Victory
JalabalaA River
JaladhiCrocodile Treasure of Water
JalahasiniSmile of Water
JalajakshiJasmine Lotus Eyed
JalanhiliAs Blue as Water
JalbalaLotus Flower
JalelaGoddess of Water
JalsaCelebratory Procession Celebration
JamilaBeautiful Elegant Elegant Graceful Comely
JamirahBeautiful One
JamunaS Holy River
JanakiWife of Lord Rama Daughter of King Janak Goddess Sita
JanaknandiniDaughter of King Janak Goddess Sita
JananiMother Tenderness
JanavikaName of a River
JanhaviRiver Ganga
JanhitaOne who Thinks of the Welfare of the Men
JanhviGanga Originated from the Lap (Janu) of Lord Vishnu Daughter of Janu Rishi
JanishaDi-speller of Ignorance
JankiGoddess Sita
JanuSoul Life Force Cute
JanviAnother Name of River Ganga
JaritaOld Decayed Female Offspring
JarulFemale Offspring Flower Queen
JashvitaDecent Benevolent Loud Lucky
JasminJasmine Flower A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine A Flower Name God's Gift Jasmime Flower
JasmineA Flower Fragrant Flower Flower of Jasmine Gift from God A Plant in the Olive Family
JasmitGlorious Friend Famed
JasodaWho Donates Fame Mother of Lord Krishna
JasodharaMother of Lord Buddha
JasraniQueen of Fame
JatalikaWith Twisted Hair
JaveriaName of Prophet Muhammad's Wife
JawalaFire Flame
JayalalitaVictorious Goddess Durga
JayamalaGarland of Victory
JayanThe Victorious Victory
JayaniConqueror Lord Krishna A Sakti of Ganesha
JayantiVictorious Goddess Parvati
JayantikaGoddess Durga Paravati Parvati
JayaprabhaLight of Victory
JayapradaGiver of Victory
JayashreeGoddess of Victory The Goddess of Victory
JayashriGoddess of Victory
JayasudhaNectar of Victory
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