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VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower
VaagdeviGoddess of Learning Saraswath
VaanadhiMilky Way
VaasantiSpring Festival Durga
VaasukiA Celestial Cobra Learned
VachyaBlamed Goddess Sita
VagdeviGoddess Sarawati
VagishwariGoddess Saraswati
VaidarbhiRukhmini Wife of Krishna
VaidehiName of Sita
VaidhritiProperly Adjusted With a Similar Disposition
VaigaGoddess Parvathi A River in Tamil Nadu
VaijantiFlag Banner
VaijantimalaLord Vishnu's Garland
VaijayantiA Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaisakhiAuspicious Day in Punjab
VaishaliAn Ancient City of India
VaishaviGoddess Parvati
VaishnaviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishnodeviGoddess Durga
VaitaraniTo Cross over to the Other World
VaivasvatiBelonging to the Sun River Yamuna
VajraLord Krishna's Greatgrandson Diamond Name of the Armament in the Hand of Indra it was Made of Dadhichi Rishi Bones
VajreshwariBuddhist Goddess
VakiniOne who Recites
VaksiNourishment Flame
ValgukiVery Beautiful
VallakiSingle String Instrument A Lute
VallariCreeper Goddess Parvati
ValliCreeper Vine
VamaLord Shiva Woman
VamakshiBeautiful Eyes
VamdeviGoddess Durga Savitri
VamikaGoddess Durga
VamshiFlute Sri Krishna's Flute Krishna
VanadurgaGoddess Parvati
VanajaDaughter of Forest Forest Girl
VanajakshiBlue Lotus Eyed
VanalakshmiGoddes of the Woods
VanathiOf the Forest
VancaWish Desire
VandanaAdoration Beautiful Worship Obeisance
VaneetSlender Intelligent Loving Beauty
VaniMuse Goddess Saraswati Speech
VaniaButterfly The Mystic Goddess of an Ancient Greek Brotherhood Female Version of John The Lord is Gracious God's Gracious Gift Brings Good News
VaniniSoft Spoken
VanishaPure Cute Queen of the Universe
VanishriGoddess Saraswati
VanitaWoman Graceful Lady
VanjulBeauty of the Forest
VanmalaWildflower Garland
VanmalliWild Flower
VanmayiGoddess Saraswati
VannakiliWild Flower
VanniGoddess Sarswati
VanshaOffspring Daughter
VanshikaFlute Vansh Ko Chalanai Wali Very Luky
VapusaNature Beauty
VaraGods Gift Blessing Goddess Parvati
VaraaGoddess Parvati
VaradaGiver of Blessings Goddess Lakshmi
VarajakshiWith Lotus Eyes
VaraliThe Moon
VaralikaGoddess Durga
VaranaHoly River A River
VarangiWith an Elegant Body
VardaIncreasing A Deity A River Giver of Boons
VardhiniA Lovely Lady Vardhan Karne Wali Badhane Wali
VariWater Sea
VaridiTreasure of Water
VarivasyaService Devotion Honour
VarnikaBeautifully Coloured Pure Gold Purity of Gold Moon
VarnuThe Sun Coloured
VarshaYear Rain Sweet Girl
VarshanaBirth Place of Radha
VarshikaA Goddess Name Rain
VartikaLamp Deep
VarunaGod of Rain Wife of the Lord of the Sea Name of a River Wife of Varun Goddess of All
VarunaviGoddess Laxmi
VaruniGoddess Durga Wife of the Lord of the Sea Wife of Varun Name of a River Goddess of All
VarunikaGoddess of Rain
VaryaEminent Chief Wealth Valuable Form
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