Abd Allah name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 8th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Arabic and Quran
Usage: Arabic
Meaning: Servant of Allah
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What does Abd Allah mean?

Abd Allah came from Arabic and Quran is used in Arabic used as a boy name, meaning of Abd Allah is "The Servant of God".

Is Abd Allah suitable to use as a baby name?

Abd Allah is a wonderful choice for parents looking for a unique and meaningful name for their baby boy. Originating from the Arabic language, it means "Servant of the giver." In Islamic tradition, Abd Allah is also considered one of the most revered names as it is the name of God himself.

It embodies virtues such as humility, devotion, and gratitude toward one's creator. Using Abd Allah as a name for your son would be an excellent way to instill these values in him from an early age.

Additionally, its rarity will set your child apart from others and give him a distinct identity that he can proudly carry throughout his life.

Names that rhyme with Abd Allah

How popular is the name Abd Allah?

Abd Allah is a rare name around the globe.

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  •  AbdulMaalik - Boy name AbdulMaalik means "Servant of the Owner (Allah)" is used prevalently in Arabic
  •  Shahriyar means Lord is used dominantly in Arabic is given to boys
  •  Zohrah - Used primarily in Arabic, Zohrah aimed at girls, Zohrah means "Jupiter and Whiteness" is originated from Arabic and Old Persian. Zohrah is derivative of Zohra.
  •  Charagh is used dominantly in Arabic, Charagh means "Lamp or Light" is used as a baby boy name
  •  Wardahorw - Used especially in Arabic, Wardahorw bestowed upon baby girls, Wardahorw means "Rose"
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Sibling Names for Abd Allah

Abd Allah is a beautiful and unique name! Here is a list of great siblings names that sound wonderful with Abd Allah:

For a sister

Brother to Abd Allah

Famous people named Abd Allah

  • Abd Allah ibn Abbas, otherwise called
  • Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr, was an influential Muslim figure

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