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Aleta name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek, Germanic, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic and Old High German
Usage: Greek, English, Spanish, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Aleta a-le-ta
Meaning: Exalted, High, The Ascent, Noble, Truth and Noble and Fight
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What does Aleta mean?

Unfading and Famed Aleta is used mostly in Greek, Icelandic, Spanish, Finnish, English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish aimed at baby girls has its origin in Old Greek, Germanic and Latin. Aleta is form of admired Alea. Alea is variant form of renowned Ali. Alea is shortened form of names with "nobility". Alea is German form of Eulalia. Meaning of Alea is The Ascent and High has its origin in Hebrew and Arabic. Also. Aleta is form of widely accepted and all time favorite Alethea. Alethea is English equivalent of The Greek Word Αληθεια Meaning Truth. Aleta is Swedish equivalent of Alhet.

How about the name Aleta for a baby?

Aleta is a charming name for a baby girl, with Greek origins and the meaning of "footloose." This unique name has a lovely sound to it and is easy to pronounce, making it an excellent choice for parents who want something that is both traditional yet uncommon. Aleta has an air of sophistication, as well as a touch of playfulness that makes it perfect for any little girl who will grow up to be adventurous and free-spirited. It's also versatile enough to suit all personalities and temperaments, allowing the child to make it her own while still retaining its timeless appeal. Overall, Aleta is a special name that will surely stand out in any crowd.

How do I pronounce Aleta?

Three syllabled Aleta is most commonly pronounced as a-le-ta.

Variants of Aleta

Aleata, Alea, Alethea, Ali, Eulalia, Aalea, Aleth, Aletta, Adalheidis, Adaliz, Adelais, Alhet, Alheit, Aali, Al, Eli, Amir Ali, Callister, Ale, Eulalee, Eulia, Eulogia, Aileth, Alette, Aidaliz, Adela, Adelheid, Adaleiz

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How popular is the name Aleta?

A common name in United States having over 6377 recievers in 123 years of usage. At its zenith in 1947, 262 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 511st position. Aleta is a rare baby name in England and Wales where it may not be used now. Aleta is a common name in Zimbabwe and Indonesia while somewhat familiar name in Philippines, South Africa, Armenia, Canada, Russia, Malawi and Brazil. At least, 10000 people globally have carried Aleta as their given name according to our estimate.

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Aleta in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Aleta

You are always filled with positive and creative energy that you pass around. You never come up with a plan to achieve something but make your way as you go. If a person doesn't love you as you imagined, you suppose they don't love you at all. You have a restless spirit and booming energy. You are interested in learning new and exciting things. Having letter A as your capstone reveals your greediness and ambition.

Other names similar to Aleta

  •  Emilija - Used dominantly in Danish, Norwegian and Latvian unusual, Emilija means "Imitating or Rivaling", a girl name has origin in Latin
  •  Mirabel - Meaning of Mirabel is Lovely, Wonderful or Of Uncommon Beauty is used substantially in Norwegian and Finnish. It is rooted from Latin is given to baby girls
  •  Mirabelle - The queer girl name Mirabelle means "Magnificent, Wonders or Mirabilis" and is primarily used in Finnish, Danish and Norwegian is of Latin origin
  •  Moritz - Dominantly used in Norwegian and Swedish noteworthy, Moritz means "A Native of Mauritania, Moorish or The One from Mauritania" has its roots in Latin is used for boys
  •  Vida - Specifically used in Danish and Swedish eternal and loved, Vida means "Few or Found" which is rooted from Latin and Germanic is aimed at both sexes
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Sibling Names for Aleta

If you've decided to name your baby girl Aleta, you might be wondering what other names pair well with it. Aleta is a unique and beautiful name that has a range of sibling names that complement it perfectly. Here are some suggestions for sibling names for Aleta that will make a cohesive and lovely sibset.

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Famous people named Aleta

  • Aleta Freel, American stage actress
  • Aleta Mitchell, American film, television and theatre actress
  • Aleta Morrison in Half a Sixpence as Actress
  • Aleta Chappelle in The Godfather: Part III as Casting Department

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