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Arvid name meaning

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Norse
Usage: German, Scandinavian, Nordic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Arvid a-rvid
Meaning: Arn, Vidr, Eagle and Forest
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What does Arvid mean?

Unfading and Well-Known Arvid is used primarily in Norwegian, Danish, German, Swedish, Nordic, Finnish and Scandinavian, Arvid means "Arn, Vidr, Eagle or Forest" is originated from Old Norse is a baby boy name. Arvid is version of Arvidh. Arvidh is variant of long standing and well-known Arvid. Arvidh is equivalent of Arviðr in Swedish language. Arvid is variant of Arviðr. Arviðr is Old Norse equivalent of Arnviðr.

How do I pronounce Arvid?

The two syllabled name Arvid is pronounced, a-rvid. Some people pronounce it as ar-vid.

Variants of Arvid

Arppa, Arviðr, Arvidh, Armas, Artur, Arnviðr, Ami, Arhtur, Artorius, Artus, Arthur, Arnþórr, Arnvid

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How popular is the name Arvid?

Arvid is a popular in Sweden where over 3685 new-borns have been given the name since 1998. At its zenith in 2016, 507 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 22nd position. In addition to that, the first name has been in the top 50 baby names 7 times Arvid is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1880 and was able to reach the top 600 names. In 1887, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 544 on boy names chart when 100 babies were named Arvid. There are over 3083 babies that have been given the name Arvid in United States.

Arvid is an uncommon baby name in Belgium, its highest ever rank is 621 (2006) in its 12 years run on Belgium naming chart. Arvid is a rare baby name in England and Wales where it is still in use. Also, Arvid is a familiar name in Germany, India, Canada and Russia. At least, 10000 people globally have been given the name as per our research.

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Here's what numbers has to say about Arvid

You have a restless spirit and booming energy. You always act like everything's just great. You always have the best ideas and persistence to realize each and one of them at work. You never get tired from trying to be better than you were yesterday. You believe planning revenge is a waste of energy and time and you use those doing something productive or noble. People often mistake you for a fool but you always find an indirect way to prove them wrong.

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  •  Lamonto - Lamontos origin is Old Norse bestowed upon boys, meaning of Lamonto is "Lawyer Man of Law and Lawgiver". Lamonto is derived from Lamont.
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Famous people named Arvid

  • Arvid Adolf Etholén, naval officer
  • Arvid August Afzelius, Swedish pastor, poet, historian and mythologist
  • Arvid Gerhard Damm, Swedish engineer and inventor
  • Arvid Storsveen, Norwegian Military Officer and organizer of the secret agency XU
  • Arvid Wittenberg, Swedish count
  • Arvid Jacobson, Finnish-American Communist
  • Arvid Posse, Prime Minister of Sweden from 1880 to 1883
  • Arvid Harnack, German jurist, economist
  • Arvid Johanson, Norwegian newspaper editor and politician for the Labour Party
  • Arvid Fladmoe, Norwegian composer and conductor
  • Arvid Andrén, Swedish classical art historian
  • Arvid Emanuel Kallen, General Motors executive until his retirement
  • Arvid Gustavsson, Lord of Vik, medieval Swedish magnate and justiciar of Finland
  • Arvid Ringstrand, Swedish athlete
  • Arvid Järnefelt, Finnish judge and writer
  • Arvid Lindau, Swedish pathologist and bacteriologist
  • Arvid Trolle, Swedish magnate and politician
  • Arvid Pardo, Maltese and Swedish diplomat, scholar
  • Arvid Gustavsson Sparre, born 1245 in Vik, Balingsta and died in 1317
  • Arvid Rydman, Finnish gymnast
  • Arvid Spångberg, Swedish diver and bandy player
  • Arvid Perslow, Swedish sailor
  • Arvid Solvang, Norwegian songwriter/producer living in Oslo
  • Arvid Johansen, Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Arvid Carlsson, Swedish neuropharmacologist
  • Arvid Horn, Swedish General, diplomat and politician
  • Arvid Lindman, Swedish rear admiral
  • Arvid Noe, Norwegian sailor and truck driver
  • Arvid Afzelius, Swedish dermatologist
  • Arvid Smit, Dutch former footballer who played as a midfielder
  • Arvid Mörne, Finnish author and poet
  • Arvid Holmberg, Swedish gymnast
  • Arvid Andersson-Holtman, Swedish gymnast
  • Arvid Andersson, Swedish policeman
  • Arvid E. Gillstrom, Swedish film director and screenwriter
  • Arvid Svendel, Swedish rower
  • Arvid Laurin, Swedish sailor
  • Arvid Wallman, Swedish diver
  • Arvid Dahl is credited as writer of movie A Yank in London
  • In 1985 flick, 1985 - Vad hände katten i råttans år?, Arvid Blomkvist-Cullborg portrayed N.
  • Arvid Hammarlund portrayed key role of Alphonse Carrel in 1916 drama film Ministerpresidenten.
  • Arvid Kindahl played the minor role of Sven Lätt in 1926 comedy, drama film Flickorna på Solvik.

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