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Bethanny name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Bethanny b(e)-thanny
Meaning: House of Figs, Name of the Village, House and Worshipper of God
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What does Bethanny mean?

Bethanny is form of preeminent and biblical Bethany. Bethany is variant of biblical and commonly accepted Bethan. Bethany is English cognate of Bethania. Originated from Hebrew, Outlandish Bethany, Bethany means "House of Poverty, Name of the Village and House of Figs".

What do we think of Bethanny as a name for a newborn?

Bethanny is a popular and charming baby girl name that has been derived from the Hebrew language. It symbolizes the "house of figs" and is quite unique as it brings together an air of sweetness, nature, and gracefulness to the name of your little one. What makes this name special is that it carries a sense of elegance and sophistication with it, yet remains simple enough to be pronounced and remembered easily. Bethanny's melodious sound makes it easily adaptable for any personality type, whether your child grows up to be strong or shy, bold or sensitive. With its roots in Hebrew culture, this name also represents the timeless traditions and values of family heritage. Therefore, choosing Bethanny as a baby girl name could be an excellent decision for any parents seeking something traditional yet modern at the same time!

How do I pronounce Bethanny?

The most common way to pronounce two syllabled Bethanny is b(e)-thanny. Some people pronounce it as beth(an)-ny.

Variants of Bethanny

Bethany, Bethan, Bethania, Bathany, Bechan, Elisheba, Bet

Names that rhyme with Bethanny

How popular is the name Bethanny?

Bethanny is an uncommon baby name in United States, although it has been in use since 1982 but could not make beyond the top 7000. Over 238 babies in United States have been named Bethanny. According to our estimate, at least 200 people have been bestowed Bethanny around the globe.

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Numerological aspects of Bethanny

Due to your naivety, you are taken advantage of very often. Love is most important in your life. Small talks and gossip are things you can't stand in life. You prefer determinate and strong partner when it comes to relationships. You sleep a lot because it's your way of escaping reality. If you have letter Y as your capstone, it reveals you love your freedom and avoid people who try to capture you or make you feel uncomfortable for living freely.

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Sibling Names for Bethanny

When it comes to naming your baby, choosing the perfect name can be a daunting task. Sibling names are often a great source of inspiration, especially if you want to create a cohesive and harmonious family dynamic. If you're looking for sibling names for your little one named Bethanny, here are some options that might inspire you!

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Names for Bethanny's brother

Famous people named Bethanny

We could not find any notable namesake.

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