Breton name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 13th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Breton b-re-ton
Meaning: From Britain, The Breton, Native of Brittany and Prince
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What does Breton mean?

Breton is version of darling Brett. Brett is diminutive of Brendan. Brett means A Breton, Native of Brittany and The Breton is used chiefly in English and Breton is originated from Old English.

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How does Breton feel as a baby name?

Breton is a unique and charming name that has gained popularity in recent years. This name has its origins in Latin, and it refers to someone who comes from Brittany or Britain. One of the notable features of this name is its simplicity, making it easy to pronounce and remember. Breton also exudes a sense of strength and ruggedness, which gives it a masculine appeal for baby boys. It's not overly common, yet not too obscure either, making it an excellent choice for parents who want something that stands out without being too unconventional. Overall, Breton is a lovely name with an appealing sound and meaning that could suit any little boy perfectly.

How do I pronounce Breton?

b-re-ton is the most common way to pronounce three syllabled Breton.

Variants of Breton

Braeton, Brett, Bret, Brit, Bretta, Brettlee, Britlee, Bridget, Brettley

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Names that rhyme with Breton

How popular is the name Breton?

Breton is an uncommon baby name in United States, although it has been in use since 1959 but could not make beyond the top 3000. Over 425 babies in United States have been named Breton. As per our estimate, over 400 people has been named Breton globally.

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Numerological analysis of Breton

You hate waking up at the same time in the morning if you don't have to. You are always in the center of attention because of the unusual lifestyle you lead and life decisions that seem too dangerous to some but inspiring to others. You believe in yourself because it's the secret to achieving your aspirations and realize your life goals. You should focus on your personal progress too. You live too little in your present and too much in your past and future.

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Sibling Names for Breton

Are you searching for the perfect name for your baby boy? Look no further than Breton. This unique and strong name is derived from the Celtic word 'Britto,' meaning 'from Brittany.' Here are some sibling names that complement Breton's style and charm.

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Brother to Breton

Famous people named Breton

  • Breton Lalama in Carmilla as Actress

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