Dagný meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Norse and Scandinavian
Usage: Faroese, Old Norse, Icelandic, Danish, Swedish and Finnish
Meaning: Day, The Word Dagr with the Meaning Day, New, Young and New Moon
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Girl name Dagný is originated from Old Norse is chiefly used in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese, Old Norse and Finnish. Dagný is combination of unwonted DAG and rare and modernistic NY. DAG is variant form of Dagr, which itself is a short version of names with "Dag". Dagný is combination of unwonted DAG and rare and modernistic NY.

Variants of Dagný

Dagny, Herdag, Dagbart, Aldný, Nyfrid, Dagnia

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Popularity of Dagný

Dagný is a common baby name in Sweden, Norway and Denmark while it is somewhat familiar in Poland, Germany, Venezuela and Finland. According to our research, over 10000 babies have been named Dagný globally.


Dagný in Nordic countries

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Other names similar to Dagný, for would be moms

  •  Paedhar - The boy name Paedhar is used chiefly in Old Swedish and Swedish languages. Paedhar is Swedish cognate of Pædhar
  •  Boj is Frisian equivalent of Boye
  •  Danjal - Unfading and Desirable Danjal prevalently is used in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian is given to boys. Danjal is form of Daniel in Faroese language
  •  Rink - The boy name Rink has its origin in Old English is principally used in Danish and Greenlandic. Rink is Danish cognate of Rinkr
  •  Rokus is Faroese form of Rochus
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