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Harald name meaning

✍  Updated on:March 13th, 2022
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old High German, Germanic and Scandinavian
Usage: English, German, Scandinavian, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Harald ha-ra-ld
Meaning: Army Ruler, Army, Warrior, To Rule and Strong and Glory
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What does Harald mean?

Anomalous Scandinavian, Old High German and Germanic Harald means "Leader of the Army, Army, Warrior, To Rule or Strong and Glory" aimed at baby boys is used substantially in Greenlandic, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, German, English, Swedish, Scandinavian and Norwegian. Also Harald is equivalent of Haraldr in Swedish and Danish languages. Harald is celebrated on November 1st.

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How do I pronounce Harald?

ha-ra-ld is the most common way to pronounce three syllabled Harald.

Variants of Harald

Hereweald, Herwald, Arald, Herold, Haraldr, Herald

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How popular is the name Harald?

Harald is an uncommon baby name in United States, even after 65 years of use, it could not make it big. Over 758 people have been named Harald in United States. In England and Wales, it is relatively new, first appeared in 1997. In France, it has been in use since 1902 but could not make beyond the top 400. There are over 286 babies that have been given the name Harald in France. However things change on global perspective, Harald is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 400 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Austria and Norway. At least, 350000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.

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Numerological analysis of Harald

Allow your competitive spirit and intuition to guide you. You are stubborn and self-motivated. You hate copying others. Challenges don't scare you but on the contrary, they make you feel alive. Your intuition is almost never wrong when it comes to people. You are a hard candy when it comes to romantic relationships. You should learn to invest wisely the profit you make. You are the most active, livingly human being in your surroundings.

Other names liked by name hunters that are similar to Harald

  •  Detlev substantially is used in Danish and Finnish, meaning of Detlev is "The Peoples Descendant, Offspring or People", a baby boy name is rooted from Old High German and Germanic
  •  Hinrika - The girl name Hinrika means "Ruler or House" is dominantly used in Finnish and Icelandic
  •  Carolien - Carolien's meaning is Man or Husband is prevalently used in Finnish, Danish and Swedish and is bestowed upon girls is rooted from Germanic, Dutch and Old High German
  •  Berenike - Girl name Berenike is rooted from Old Greek, meaning of Berenike is "Victory Bringer or Bringing Victory" is used in German and Swedish
  •  Hubertus - The boy name Hubertus is used specifically in Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian, Hubertus means "Shiny or Spirit" has origin in Germanic and Old High German
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Famous people named Harald

  • Harald Greycloak, king of Norway from the Fairhair dynasty
  • Harald Høffding, Danish philosopher and theologian
  • Harald Tandrup, Danish writer
  • Harald Kreutzberg, German dancer and choreographer
  • Harald Rosenthal, German hydrobiologist and fisheries scientist
  • Harald Sæverud,
  • Harald Szeemann, Swiss curator and artist and art historian
  • Harald Ludvig Westergaard, Danish statistician and economist
  • Harald Juhnke, well-known German actor, comedian and entertainer
  • Harald Ettl, Austrian politician and Member of the European Parliament
  • Harald Hudak, retired German middle distance runner
  • Harald Weiss, German composer, director, screenwriter
  • Harald Kesja, son of Eric I of Denmark and anti-king of Denmark
  • Harald Hennum, Norwegian footballer
  • Harald Fuchs, Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Münster
  • Harald Weinrich, German classical scholar
  • Harald Mors, battalion commander with the 'Fallschirmjäger'
  • Harald Parigger, German writer
  • Harald Meier, German herpetologist
  • Harald Bothner, Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Harald Johan Løbak, Norwegian politician for the Norwegian Labour Party
  • Harald Naegeli, Swiss artist best known as the "Sprayer of Zurich" after the graffiti he sprayed in the late 1970s onto walls and buildings
  • Harald Sohlberg, Norwegian Neo-romantic painter
  • Harald Smedal, was Norwegian member of the Council of State Division
  • Harald Nicolai Storm Wergeland, Norwegian military officer
  • Harald Scavenius, was Danish Foreign Minister
  • Harald Maddadsson, was Earl of Orkney and Mormaer of Caithness
  • Harald Grohs, race driver and team owner from Essen, Germany
  • Harald Smith, Norwegian Nordic skier
  • Harald Økern, Norwegian Nordic combined skier
  • Harald Haakonsson, was joint Earl of Orkney in 1122–1127
  • Harald Schenk, was born in Berlin, Germany on January 16, 1944
  • Harald Sandberg, Swedish diplomat and civil servant
  • Harald Paumgarten, Austrian cross country skier, ski jumper
  • Harald Winkler, Austrian bobsledder
  • Harald Bosio, Austrian cross country skier, ski jumper
  • Harald Norvik, former chairman, president
  • Harald Ende, German saxophone
  • Harald Stenerud, Norwegian hammer and discus thrower
  • Harald Feller, Swiss diplomat
  • Harald Strand Nilsen, retired Norwegian alpine skier
  • Harald Moltke, Danish painter and author
  • Harald Vogel, German organist, organologist, and author
  • Harald Ganzinger, German computer scientist
  • Harald Maartmann, Norwegian cross country skier
  • Harald Klem, Danish gymnast and swimmer
  • Harald Hansen, Danish amateur football player,
  • Harald Sverdrup, Norwegian oceanographer and meteorologist
  • Harald Cramér, Swedish mathematician, actuary, and statistician
  • Harald Prins, Dutch anthropologist, ethnohistorian, filmmaker
  • Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Norwegian computer scientist
  • Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark and Norway
  • Harald Fairhair, is portrayed by medieval Icelandic historians as the first King of Norway

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