Julien name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Latin
Usage: English and French
Pronunciation: j(u)-lien
Meaning: Jove's Child, Youthful, Julia and Illustrious Roman Family
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What does Julien mean?

Frequently Used and Evergreen unisex name Julien has origin in Latin, meaning of Julien is "Jove's Child, Youthful, Julia or Illustrious Roman Family" is particulary used in French and English. Julien is variant form of preeminent and all time favorite Julian. Julian is variant of imperishable and famous Julius. Also Julian is form of Julianus. Renowned and Perpetual Julian is originated from Latin, Julian means "Jove's Child, Down-bearded Youth and Youthful". The name is celebrated on August 2nd.

How do I pronounce Julien?

The two syllabled name Julien is pronounced, j(u)-lien.

Variants of Julien

Julianus, Julienn, Julian, Julius, Giuliano, Juline, Julia, Julina, Juliana

Names that rhyme with Julien

How popular is the name Julien?

Julien was an extremely popular name in France. Over 344181 babies have been named Julien since 1900. At its zenith in 1983, the moniker grabbed the 1st spot and 17027 baby boys were given the name. However after 124 years, the name is on free fall on the charts but still dominating the charts. Moreover, the first name has been to the top 5 baby names 13 times Also, Julien was a popular name in Belgium. Over 5812 babies have been given the first name in 24 years. At its zenith in 1996, the moniker grabbed the 9th spot and 521 baby boys were given the name. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 24 years. Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 10 baby names 3 times

Julien is a common name in United States given to over 10986 babies in 135 years. Currently the name is rising, in 2009, the moniker grabbed the 534th spot and 499 baby boys were given the name. Also, In Switzerland, Julien was once a common name since emerging in 1998 it has been given to over 1753 babies. At the peak of its usage in 1998,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 21 years.

Julien is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, although it has been in use since 1996 but could not make beyond the top 1000. Over 217 babies in England and Wales have been named Julien. But Julien is a popular baby name in Madagascar where every 1 in 600 have the name as well as in, DR Congo, Burundi, Benin, Chad, Canada, Haiti, Congo, Rwanda and Cameroon. As per our estimate, over 580000 people has been named Julien globally.

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Julien in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Julien

You often experience that you lack motivation. You are a lucky person and you know it. If letter N is your capstone in your name, it represents your creative and intuitive personality. You are full of dignity, charm, and have a lot of admirers because of your openness and kind nature. Stop being so kind and show people their place in your life. Once you overcome an obstacle, you feel invincible and it boosts your self-confidence.

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Middle names for Julien

Here is a list of prominent and daring middle names that go with the baby name Julien.

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Famous people named Julien

  • Julien Josephson, American motion picture screenwriter
  • Julien Louis Geoffroy, French literary critic
  • Julien de Lallande Poydras, French American merchant, planter, financier, poet
  • Julien Dubuque, French Canadian of Norman origins
  • Julien Torma, was credited as a French writer
  • Julien Benda, French philosopher and novelist
  • Julien Raimond, indigo planter
  • Julien Havet, French historian, was born at Vitry-sur-Seine
  • Julien Augustin Joseph Mermet, fought in the Napoleonic Wars as a division commander in Italy and
  • Julien Dillens, Belgian sculptor born in Antwerp
  • Julien Peridier, French electrical engineer and amateur astronomer
  • Julien Le Roy, major 18th-century Parisian clockmaker and watchmaker
  • Julien Paul Blitz, American cellist, conductor, and teacher
  • Julien Laharrague, French rugby union footballer
  • Julien Bonnaire, French rugby union footballer
  • Julien Robert, retired French biathlete
  • Julien Saubade, French rugby union footballer
  • Julien Kapek, French triple jumper
  • Julien Courbey, French actor
  • Julien Poulin, actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer
  • Julien Arias, French rugby union footballer
  • Julien Wartelle, French gymnast
  • Julien Pierre, French rugby union player for Clermont Auvergne
  • Julien Offray de La Mettrie, French physician and philosopher
  • Julien Temple, English film, documentary and music video director
  • Julien Gracq, French writer
  • Julien Duvivier, French film director
  • Julien Chouinard, Canadian lawyer
  • Julien Mory Sidibé, was bishop of Mali from 1974 until his death
  • Julien Rodriguez, French former professional footballer
  • Julien Cosmao, French Navy officer, admiral
  • Julien Absalon, French cross-country mountain biker
  • Julien Green, American writer who authored several novels
  • Julien Boutter, former professional male tennis player from France
  • Julien Lahaut, Belgian politician and communist
  • Julien Cools, Belgian football player
  • Julien Wiener, former Australian cricketer
  • Julien Brellier, French footballer
  • Julien Gerbi, French-Algerian racing car driver
  • Julien Clerc, French singer and songwriter
  • Julien Sablé, French former footballer
  • Julien Fournié, French fashion designer and CEO of his own eponymous haute couture company
  • Julien Faubert, French footballer
  • Julien Benneteau, French semi-retired professional tennis player
  • Julien Cahn, British businessman
  • Julien Leclercq, 19th-century French poet and art critic
  • Julien Macdonald, Welsh fashion designer
  • Julien Touxagas, professional rugby league footballer
  • Julien Rinaldi, French former rugby league footballer
  • Julien N'Da, Ivorian/French footballer
  • Julien Escudé, retired French footballer

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