Lisabet meaning and origin

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: English, English, Faroese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
Meaning: Consecrated to God, Abbreviation of Elizabeth, God's Promise and God is My Oath
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Lisabet has its origin in Hebrew, Lisabet means "Consecrated to God, Abbreviation of Elizabeth, God's Promise or God is My Oath", majorly used in Faroese, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish is used as a unisex name . Lisabet is variant of all time favorite and prevalent Lisa. Lisa is a variant form of frequently used and perennial Alice. Also Lisa is a variant form of Its Variants. Lisa is also variant of immutable and popular Louisa. Lisa is derived from Elisabeth. Lisa is short version of Elizabeth. Lisa is German cognate of Elisabet;Its Variants. Originated from Hebrew, Lisa, Lisa means "Consecrated to God and God is My Oath". Lisabet is a variant of recently skyrocketing, biblical and long standing Elizabeth. Elizabeth has its origin in Hebrew, Elizabeth means "My God is Abundance, God is My Oath and God is Perfection God is My Oath". Lisabet is version of biblical Elisabet. Elisabet is a variant form of soaring in fashion, biblical and enduring Elizabeth. Elisabet is form of The Hebrew Name אֱלִישֶׁבַע in Latin and Greek languages. Origin of Elisabet is in Hebrew, meaning of Elisabet is "My God has Sworn and My God is Abundance". Lisabet is variation of celebrated and biblical Lizbeth. Lizbeth is resultant of Liza. Lizbeth's meaning is God is My Oath, God's Promise and My God is Abundance is of Hebrew origin.

Variants of Lisabet

Lisabeta, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lizbeth, Elisabet, Lizabeta, Elisheba, Alizabeth, Eilis, Elza, Annaelizabeth, Elizabethmarie, Alice, Louisa, Leasa, Lisie, Lesa, Talissa, Adalisa, Lisabeth, Elisabed, Elsa

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Popularity of Lisabet

Lisabet is a familiar baby name in Indonesia. According to our estimate, at least 100 people have been bestowed Lisabet around the globe, concentrated mainly in Islamic countries.


Lisabet in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Lisabet

You can be aggressive which affects your relationships in a negative way. You sleep a lot because it's your way of escaping reality. You are highly resourceful and respectful around people who value honesty, justice, and dreams. Find a way to express how you feel without hurting anyone. Due to your naivety, you are taken advantage of very often. You were this kind and generous person in the past but hanging around with negative and abusive people has changed you.

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