Loren meaning and origin

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Latin and Greek
Usage: English and English
Meaning: Crowned with Laurels, Laurel, Sweet Bay Tree and Wealth and Honor
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Desirable and Venerable unisex name Loren is of Latin and Greek origin, meaning of Loren is "Crowned with Laurels, Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree or Wealth and Honor" is used particulary in English. Loren is variant form of perennial, soaring leading and prominent Lauren. Lauren is a variation of LaurentLaura. Lauren is abridged form of Laura. Lauren is form of Laurence and Laurentia in English language. Origin of Eminent and Perpetual Lauren is in Latin language, meaning of Lauren is "Of Laurentum and From Laurentum Stem End" is especially used in French and English. Loren is variation of imperishable and famed Lorena. Lorena is form of LaurentLora. Lorena is English equivalent of Laurentia. Also Lorena is English and Italian cognate of Laura. Lorena is also form of Lauren in English language. Lorena is also Italian equivalent of Lorraine. Meaning of Lorena is Sweet Bay Tree and Native of Laurentum is rooted from Latin. Loren is form of commonly accepted and perpetual Laura. Laura is version of eminent Laurent. Laura is diminutive of Laurentia. Laura is Italian cognate of Laurentia. Originated from Latin, Prevalent and Venerable Laura, Laura means "Crowned with Laurels and Laurel". Loren is shortened form of Eleonor. Eleonor is variation of imperishable and darling Eleonora. Also Eleonor is a variant form of illustrous and evergreen Eleonore. Eleonor is equivalent of Eleanor in Spanish and English languages. Also Eleonor is Spanish equivalent of Helen. Eleonor is also Nordic cognate of Eléonore.. It is celebrated on June 25th.

Variants of Loren

Laurentia, Laurentius, Louren, Lauren, Laura, Lorena, Lareen, Lauri, Larsine, Laurenelizabeth, Laurent, Lalla, Lola, Lari, Lauraine, Analaura, Lauraelizabeth, Lorraine, Lorana

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Popularity of Loren

a popular name in United States having over 58380 recievers in 238 years of usage. Currently the name is rising, in 1939, it ranked 199th when 715 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. Additionally, the first name has been in the top 500 baby names a staggering 108 times A common name in England and Wales with over 823 new-borns have been given the name since 1996. Recently the name is rising, in 1996, 102 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 337th position.

Loren is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1957 and was able to reach the top 600 names. In 1983, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 558 on girl names chart when 49 babies were named Loren. Over 811 people have been named Loren in France. Loren is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, in use since 1991, peaked in 1996 when it ranked 356th and last appeared in 2006. In Belgium, it has been in use since 1995 and achieved its top ranking of 784 in 1996.

Loren is a common name in Philippines, Canada, India, England, South Africa and Indonesia while somewhat familiar name in Brazil, Australia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Chile, Guatemala, Romania, Spain, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Russia, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Peru and Uruguay. According to our findings, at least 80000 people have been bestowed Loren around the globe.

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Loren in Nordic countries

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What numerology tells about Loren?

Let go off your past, you are not what happened to you rather what you choose to be. If letter N is your capstone in your name, it represents your creative and intuitive personality. You have a strong will to succeed and survive on your own. Pay more attention to your overall well-being. In love, you act childish and don't care much about the feelings of your partner because you start relationships without falling in love first. Once you fall in love, everything changes.

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Namesakes of Loren

    Loren C. Ball, built on the roof of his house on Emerald Lane
  • Loren Pope, American writer and independent college placement counselor
  • Loren Lomasky, American philosopher
  • Loren Rush, U.S. composer
  • Loren Cunningham, is founder of the international Christian missionary movement Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations
  • Loren Munk, as an uploader of videos about New York exhibitions
  • Loren M. Berry, was born in Wabash, Indiana
  • Loren Grey, American novelist and educational psychologist
  • Loren P. Waldo, U.S. Representative from Connecticut
  • Loren Nerell, American composer and performer of ambient American music and Balinese gamelan
  • Loren Acton, American physicist
  • Loren Shriver, former NASA astronaut, aviator
  • Loren Eiseley, American anthropologist, educator, philosopher
  • Loren Mosher, American psychiatrist
  • Loren Dean, American actor
  • Loren Legarda, Filipino environmentalist, cultural worker
  • Loren Coleman, American cryptozoologist
  • Loren Murchison, American athlete
  • Loren D. Estleman, American writer of detective and Western fiction
  • Loren Carpenter, computer graphics researcher and developer
  • Loren Toews, retired NFL football player
  • Loren Leman, American politician
  • Loren Bouchard, American animator, writer, producer
  • Loren Woods, American / Lebanese professional basketball player Al Hala
  • Loren Roberts, with fellow PGA Tour golfers Scott Simpson and Larry Mize
  • Loren Lester, American actor of stage, screen, and voice
  • Loren Wiseman, American wargame and role-playing game designer
  • Loren Galler-Rabinowitz, American former ice dancer and pageant titleholder
  • Loren Mazzacane Connors, American experimental musician
  • Loren Fletcher, U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Loren Meyer, retired American professional basketball player
  • Loren Bommelyn, tradition bearer for the Tolowa tribe
  • Loren Israel, Los Angeles-based music producer and record executive
  • Loren L. Coleman, science-fiction writer, born and grew up
  • Loren Schoenberg, tenor saxophonist, conductor, educator
  • Loren Avedon, American martial arts film actor
  • Loren R. Kaufman, soldier
  • Loren Hightower, American dancer
  • Loren Cameron, American photographer
  • Loren A. Smith, American federal judge on the United States Court of Federal Claims
  • Loren Stokes, American professional basketball player
  • Loren Hibbs, American baseball player and coach
  • Loren E. Wheeler, U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • Loren Long, American author of children's books best
  • Loren Horsley, New Zealand-born actress and writer
  • Loren D. Hagen, United States Army Special Forces officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions during the Vietnam War as Recon Team leader of a small special reconnaissance unit "RT Kansas"
  • Loren Miller, American journalist, civil rights activist
  • Lorena Panunzio in One Crazy Thing as Actress
  • Lorena Vindel in Siete mesas de billar francés as Actress
  • In 1985 horror, thriller movie, Force of Darkness, Loren Cedar characterized Gloria Ramsey.
  • In 1996 comedy, drama film, High Road, Loren Guerra played Eduardo.
  • Loren Schein, from 1979 comedy, horror flick Microwave Massacre, who characterized Roosevelt.
  • In action and comedy flick, Gaming and the Art of Zombie Slaying, Loren Kinsella portrayed Nola.
  • Loren Acuña, from 2017 action and comedy flick Madraza, who characterized Matilde.

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