Valentín meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin
Usage: Spanish, Icelandic, Danish, Swedish and Finnish
Meaning: The Strong and The Healthy
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Valentín's meaning is The Strong or The Healthy used for baby boys that originated from Latin is used primarily in Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and Icelandic. Valentín is Icelandic form of Valentin.

Variants of Valentín

Valentinus, Valentin, Valentine, Vallentin, Valentius, Valentijn, Velten, Valentina

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Popularity of Valentín

Valentín is immensely popular in Ukraine where every 1 in 300 have the name as well as in, Russia and Romania. Also it is popular in Mexico, DR Congo, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Peru, Moldova, Argentina, Germany, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Belarus, Central African Republic, Bolivia, Chad, Benin, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. In Rwanda, Brazil, Colombia, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Honduras, Cuba, Congo, Austria, Panama, Chile, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Togo, Ivory Coast, Belgium, Turkmenistan, El Salvador, Slovenia, Israel, Nicaragua, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Ecuador, Canada, Tajikistan, Transnistria and Croatia it is common while somewhat familiar in Uruguay, Estonia, England, Greece, Gabon, Italy, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Poland, Senegal, Haiti, Ghana, Georgia, Armenia, Mali, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Serbia, Kosovo, Tanzania, Morocco, Iraq, Tunisia, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, Belize, North Macedonia, Norway and Latvia. At least, 880000 people globally have carried Valentín as their given name according to our findings.


Valentín in Nordic countries

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Other names similar to Valentín

  •  Laurene - Meaning of Laurene is Old Name with Many Variants or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor or Victory is used mainly in English is a girl name is originated from Latin and English
  •  Lylian - Uncommon girl name Lylian is of Latin origin, meaning of Lylian is "Lily, My God is Perfect and Lily Flower and Ann". Lylian is a resultant of Lilian.
  •  Ersilia - Meaning of Ersilia is To Urge, Incite, Encourage is used chiefly in Italian which originated from Latin and Etrusk is bestowed upon girls. Ersilia is derivation of Hersilia.
  •  Orella - Used dominantly in English and Basque rarefied, Orella means "Divine Message or Gold Made" and came from Hebrew and Latin is used for girls
  •  Tanya - Meaning of Tanya is Fairy Princess, King of the Sabines or Of the Family is used in Icelandic and Bengali has its roots in Latin is given to both boys and girls
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Namesakes of Valentín

    Valentín Gómez Farías, President of Mexico for five short periods
  • Valentín Canalizo, Mexican President, state governor, city mayor
  • Valentín Díaz, Filipino patriot
  • Valentín Parera, Spanish actor
  • Valentín Paniagua, Peruvian politician
  • Valentín Alsina, Argentine lawyer and politician
  • Valentín González, Republican military commander during the Spanish Civil War
  • Valentín Elizalde, Mexican banda music singer gunned down

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