Yuliya meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin
Usage: Russian
Meaning: Youthful, Soft Haired, Down-bearded Youth, God is Gracious, Dedicated to Jupiter, Illustrious Roman Family and Jupiters Child Downy
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Unexpected choice Yuliya is used primarily in Russian is originated from Latin is bestowed upon baby girls. Yuliya is version of predominant and long standing Julia. Julia is variation of long standing and admired Juliana. Julia is a feminine variant of Julius. Unfamiliar Julia came from Latin, meaning of Julia is "Dedicated to Jupiter and Soft Bearded".

Variants of Yuliya

Julia, Julius, Juliana, Giulianna, Giulietta, Juliamarie, Giuliano, Gillian, Julianus, Gölin, Marie

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Popularity of Yuliya

Yuliya is an uncommon baby name in still in use in United States. Yuliya is a rare baby name in England and Wales still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Yuliya is extremely popular in Russia where every 1 in 100 have the name as well as in, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Also the baby name is popular in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Israel, Kyrgyzstan and Egypt. At least, 2230000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.

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Yuliya in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Yuliya?

You prefer to have people work on your success instead of working on it yourself. You are a wise person. People don't take you seriously because of your inconsistency. Change your perspective. You secretly believe that you are a genius. The number 4 as your soul urge no symbolizes your need to put everything in order. You are hard to reach and even harder to trust. Let your mind to take over when it comes to facing challenges or solving issues, and let your emotional side take care of your spiritual progress.

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Namesakes of Yuliya

    Yuliya Tabakova, Russian track and field sprint athlete
  • Yuliya Sotnikova, Russian world indoor champion and Olympic bronze medallist
  • Yuliya Graudyn, retired Russian hurdler
  • Yuliya Shamshurina, Soviet cross country skier
  • Yuliya Samoylova, granddaughter of Count Martyn Skavronskiy and the last scion of Skavronskiy family
  • Yuliya Lyakhova, retired Russian high jumper
  • Yuliya Kosenkova, former Russian middle distance runner
  • Yuliya Golubchikova, Russian pole vaulter
  • Yuliya Gippenreyter, modern Russian psychologist
  • Yuliya Vetlova, Russian luger who has competed since 1999
  • Yuliya Antipova, Soviet luger
  • Yuliya Voyevodina, Russian race walker
  • Yuliya Pakhalina, Russian diver
  • Yuliya Petrova, Russian water polo player
  • Yuliya Chepalova, former Russian cross-country skier
  • Yuliya Gushchina, Russian sprinter who specializes in the 200 metres
  • Yuliya Fomenko, Russian middle distance runner
  • Yuliya Pechonkina, Russian former athlete
  • Yuliya Mayarchuk, Ukrainian actress
  • Yuliya Menshova, Russian actress and TV show host
  • Yuliya Safina, retired Russian handball player
  • Yuliya Aleksandrova in Vse umrut, a ya ostanus as Actress
  • Yuliya Parshuta in 'Fabrika zvezd'. Kontsert v 'Olimpiyskom' as
  • Yuliya Solntseva in Povest plamennykh let as Director
  • Yuliya Aug in Ovsyanki as Actress
  • Yuliya Volkova in Premiya Muz-TV 2006 as
  • Yuliya Vysotskaya in Dom durakov as Actress
  • Yuliya Peresild in Kray as Actress
  • Yuliya Snigir in A Good Day to Die Hard as Actress
  • Yuliya Bocharova acted in short Schastlivo ostavat'sya!
  • Yuliya Chernova played the significant role of Sasha in 1997 adventure and comedy film Bednaya Sasha.
  • In 1959, Yuliya Tsoglin portrayed the role of N in drama film Doroga ukhodit vdal.
  • Yuliya Svezhakova portrayed the central character of N in 1999 drama flick Barak.
  • In 1998, Yuliya Yakovleva portrayed the role of N in drama movie Zhestkoe vremya.
  • In 1989 drama flick, Kazyonnyy dom, Yuliya Zhukova portrayed Tanya.
  • In 2001, Yuliya Rytikova portrayed the role of Katerina in crime, romance film Igra na vylet.
  • In 1971 biography, drama movie, Idu do tebe..., Yuliya Tkachenko portrayed Olena Pchilka.
  • In 2003 drama movie, Bednyy, bednyy Pavel, Yuliya Mavrina played Lopukhina.
  • Yuliya Nachalova, from 2001 comedy, thriller movie Geroy eyo romana, who characterized the N.
  • In 1915, Yuliya Bakhmachevskaya played the role of N in drama movie Doch isterzannoy Pol'shi.
  • In 2003 drama movie, Pokhititeli knig, Yuliya Agafonova played Katrin.
  • Yuliya Beretta played key character of Zhenya Rudakova in 2011 comedy film Step bay step.
  • In 2008, Yuliya Galkina played the role of N in drama film Nasledniki.

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