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Name: Aapel No. of characters: 5 Gender: Boy Used in: Finnish How to pronounce Aapel aa-pel What does my name mean?

Origin and Meaning

The baby boy name Aapel is a Finnish variant of Old Greek name Αβελ/Abel of the Hebrew name הֶבֶל, can be written as Hevel or Hebel in English. Meaning of Abel is Breath, vapor or transience. Abel is also a Biblical name, according to Old Testament he was the second son of Adam and Eve who was slained by his brother Cain. According to one theory Abel can also be a potential variant of ablu, Assyrian word meaning 'son.' Few people also use Abel as a pet form of Albrecht.


It's rare to find a person named Aapel in US. 20 male are found to have Aapel in their middle name in Finland. No other Nordic country has any record of the given name. The Finnish Genitive and Partitive form of Aapel are Aapelin and Aapelia respectively.

Aapel can be used for both boys and girls in Finland. However the baby name is more common among males. About 36 boys have Aapel in their name in comparison to 20 girls. Given are the frequency of the moniker among Finns:

up to 189955

Frequency of baby name Aapel in different countries
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