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Name: Aeshah No. of characters: 6 Gender: Girl Origin: ArabicUsed in: How to pronounce Aeshah ae-(s)hah, aes-h-ah , What does my name mean?

The baby girl name Aeshah has it"s roots in Arabic language and are mostly Muslim. Meaning of Aeshah is Woman.


Cognates: Aishat (Chechen) Forms: Kadysha, Ieasha, Kaneisha, Ronisha, Ieeshah, Ronesha, Ieashia, Yiesha, Ieshah, Oneshiah, Miesha, Aeisha, Aixa (Arabic Hebrew), Oneshah, Aiysha, Kaleesha (English-American) Derivatives: Kyesha (American), Aouicha, Aisa, Kadeesha, Ayse, Aysia (Arabic!English), Liesha, Myeisha, Onieshah, Takisha, Kadeisha, Tyisha (Arabic American), Tynisha, Kadesia, Aisiah, Oneisha, Roneeka, Asha (Sanskrit), Kalishia, Kadeshia, Myisha, Ashra, Aysa, Ieashiah, Kadessa, Oneshea, Maisha, Aishatu Spelling variants: Oneishah, Aasha, Aaishah, Ciara, Aiyesha, Aiesha, Kenisha, Iesha (Arabic Sanskrit), Aeesha, Ayeishah, Kalyshah, Ayeisa, Kalishah, A'isha , Aishah (English), Carwyn, Aysha, Yoganand, Aaisha, Rodnisha, Kenysha, Aeeshah, Aieshah, Quinesha, Ayeesah, Kaliesha, Ayeshah, Oneashah, Kaleeshah, Kaleisha, Lyesha, Ayeisha, Ayshah, Ambrose, Jakisha, Ayisha, Kalysha, Kaleasha, Kaylie, Ayesha, Ayeesha, Ayeeshah, Aeshia Diminutive and pet forms: Keosha Other variants: Zahira, Asya, Oneeshah, Yieshah, Tysin, Kanesha, Oneshia, Aiasha, Rodnesha, Ieshia, Aisia (Arabic and English), Onyshah, Aish, Aischa, Ayeesa, Ayeisah, Kaneesha, Oneasha, Kineesha, Ayasha, Ayishah, Ayisa, Ieesha, Aishia, Anders, Ieeshia, Kenesha, Ayisah, Kadiesha, Ashia (Arabic and Sanskrit), Asiah (Arabic English), Ashiah (Arabic and Sanskrit), Romana, Kadisha, Meisha, Oneesha, Aishiah, Shonda, Onesheah, Aicha, Ayisat, Eshe (Swahili), Marjorie, Faustina, Kinesha, Oniesha, Deke Combinations: Rodneisha, Onesha, Laneisha (America), Jakeisha, Quenisha, Roneisha, Kalisha, Kadesha, Leneisha, Keneisha

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On shifting alphabets of name Aeshah carefully we get name Aahesh given in Tamil. Neither one of them are used commonly.

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