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Name: Ayeisa No. of characters: 6 Gender: Girl Origin: ArabicUsed in: How to pronounce Ayeisa a-yei-sa, ay-e-isa , What does my name mean?

The baby girl name Ayeisa has it"s roots in Arabic language and are mostly Muslim. Meaning of Ayeisa is Woman.

You would love these names similar to Ayeisa: Origin of Imperishable Belle is in Hebrew, French and Italian used for girls. Its meaning is "God Protects My House" is also the name of Musical Artist Belle. The name is fairly Widespread in Sweden, United States and Finland. It is celebrated on February 22nd. Outstanding Belle ranked at 715 position in 1929 in baby girl names list. Vísa is equivalent of Visa in Icelandic language used as a baby girl name and is dominantly used in Icelandic with same suffix -isa. Ayeeda came from Old French aimed at girls. Ayeeda is variant form of Aida. Meïssoun came from Arabic which means "Beautiful or Elegant" while Caezar is uncommon name and a boy name and originated from Latin.


Cognates: Aishat (Chechen) Forms: Aiysha, Ieashia, Ieeshah, Miesha, Ieasha, Kaleesha (English-American), Kadysha, Aixa (Arabic Hebrew), Ronisha, Oneshah, Yiesha, Ronesha, Aeisha, Aeshah, Ieshah, Oneshiah, Kaneisha Derivatives: Tynisha, Aysia (Arabic!English), Aisiah, Aishatu, Aysa, Kalishia, Kyesha (American), Takisha, Aisa, Kadesia, Ayse, Roneeka, Kadeisha, Liesha, Oneshea, Myisha, Myeisha, Tyisha (Arabic American), Ieashiah, Maisha, Asha (Sanskrit), Onieshah, Aouicha, Kadessa, Kadeesha, Oneisha, Ashra, Kadeshia Spelling variants: Ayeesah, Ambrose, Ayisha, Ayeisha, Kaleasha, Aeeshah, Kaliesha, Aieshah, Yoganand, Lyesha, Aaisha, Kenysha, Aeshia, Kalishah, Ayeesha, Aiyesha, Ayeishah, Ayeshah, Iesha (Arabic Sanskrit), Aaishah, Aiesha, Ayeeshah, Carwyn, Aysha, Kalyshah, Ayesha, Aasha, Aeesha, Jakisha, Kaleisha, Oneashah, Kaylie, Kalysha, Ayshah, Quinesha, Oneishah, Aishah (English), A'isha , Kaleeshah, Kenisha, Rodnisha, Ciara Diminutive and pet forms: Keosha Other variants: Yieshah, Onyshah, Kadiesha, Kenesha, Marjorie, Kaneesha, Aicha, Ayisah, Ashia (Arabic and Sanskrit), Asya, Eshe (Swahili), Aiasha, Aischa, Ashiah (Arabic and Sanskrit), Aish, Kineesha, Shonda, Oneesha, Ieshia, Oneasha, Aishia, Asiah (Arabic English), Oneshia, Romana, Onesheah, Ayisat, Ieeshia, Rodnesha, Ayeesa, Aisia (Arabic and English), Anders, Ayasha, Deke, Oniesha, Zahira, Ieesha, Tysin, Kinesha, Meisha, Ayishah, Ayisa, Aishiah, Kadisha, Oneeshah, Faustina, Ayeisah, Kanesha Combinations: Laneisha (America), Jakeisha, Keneisha, Roneisha, Onesha, Kalisha, Rodneisha, Kadesha, Quenisha, Leneisha

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