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Name: Dinis No. of characters: 5 Gender: Boy Origin: Old GreekUsed in: Portuguese Used in countries: UK How to pronounce Dinis di-nis, din-is , What does my name mean?

The baby boy name Dinis has origin in Old Greek language commonly used in Portuguese dominant in UK regions. Dinis means Dedicated To Dionys.

Other names similar to Dinis: Many Modern-day moms may find the Shamere appealing, used commonly in Arabic aimed at both genders while Chana is variation of Channah, a girl name has its origin in Hebrew. In 2004, famed Chana ranked 924 among girl names. The gender-neutral name Celina, Celina is variant of Caelia. Its origin is in Latin and Old Greek. United States and USA are among the countries where the name is quite prominent. Of English origin, Imperishable Diamond. Its meaning is "Of the Tiber or Diamond" and a unisex name with similar prefix Di- Rapper Diamond is noteworthy namesake. The unisex name Lenis that means "Silky" has its origin in Latin.


Forms: Dionys, Deione (Germanic), Deny Derivatives: Dynius, Dennee, Djóni, Dinius, Dionis, Deion (Germanic Old Greek), Dionisiy, Donnchadh (Old Greek Celtic), Nicho, Dionysus, Deney, Denee, Keion (German English), Denka, Dennet, Dionte (Old Greek English), Dionysius, Deon, Dennison, Dines, Dionisio Spelling variants: Denys , Deniss, Dennys (Turkish Old Greek), Dennies Diminutive and pet forms: Deni, Denie, Denni, Dye, Denny, Dion, Dennie, Denniz Other variants: Dannis (Greek), Tenney, Tennyson, Dionisie, Dennes, Denea, Denes, Denney, Diniz, Dionigi

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Dinis Vital, Soccer player
Dinis Vital, Soccer player
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