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Name: Finnbarr No. of characters: 8 Gender: Boy Origin: IrishUsed in: Irish, Finnish Used in countries: UK How to pronounce Finnbarr fin-(n)bar(r), fi-nnba-rr , What does my name mean?

The baby boy name Finnbarr has Irish roots used in Irish, Finnish UK have most bearers. Currently the meaning of Finnbarr is not known.

Other names liked by soon-to-be-parents that are similar to Finnbarr: Dondres origin is English-American given to boys. It means "God of Wine, A Form of Deandre or Abbreviation of Dionysius". In 1993, well-known Dondre ranked 859 on the list of baby boy names. Baby boy name Finbar, Finbar is variant form of Fionnbharr. Its origin is in Celtic and Old Irish with similar Fin- prefix. The name is quite a bit Renowned in Denmark and Sweden. Baby boy name Dvalarr, Dvalarr is form of Dvalinn in Old Norse language and is used principally in Old Norse. Of Celtic and Old Irish origin, Fionnbarr. Its meaning is "White, Fair or Head" and a baby boy name while Used dominantly in Telugu, Swecha which is far-out name and a baby girl name.


Forms: Finbarr, Fionn Derivatives: Barra, Finnegan Spelling variants: Finnbar Other variants: Fionnbarr, Fionnbarra More baby names that came from Fionnbharr: Finbar

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