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Name: Gökhan No. of characters: 7 Gender: Boy Origin: TurkishUsed in: How to pronounce Gökhan gökhan What does my name mean?

The baby boy name Gökhan has it"s roots in Turkish language used in German bearers are usually Germany residents. Meaning of Gökhan is Turkish name, meaning: Lord of heaven..

Frequency of baby name Gökhan in different countries
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First Name
Secondary Name
[1] Approx. usage till 1 July, 2019 [2] Baby name stats up to 31 December, 2018 [3] Current name holders as on 31 December, 2018 [4] Baby name stats up to 31 December, 2018 Names that rhyme with GökhanFamous people named Gökhan
Gökhan Çalışal, Soccer player
Gökhan Ceylan, Boom Operator
Gökhan Değirmenci, Soccer player
Gökhan Emreciksin, Soccer player
Gökhan Gönül, Soccer player
Gökhan Gümüşsu, Soccer player
Gökhan Inler, Soccer player
Gökhan Karadeniz, Soccer player
  • In 0, Gökhan Soylu played the role of Yaar in drama film Tiramisu.
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