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Name: Ilsabeth No. of characters: 8 Gender: Girl Used in: German, Danish Used in countries: Germany How to pronounce Ilsabeth i-lsa-be-th What does my name mean?

The baby girl name Ilsabeth used in German, Danish Germany have most bearers. Meaning of Ilsabeth is In addition to the form of Elizabeth (meaning: my God is perfect)..


Other Variants: Ilsabet, Ilsabe Other variants: Ilsebeth More baby names that came from Elisabet: Elsebet, Elisapetti, Betsy (English Swiss), Elisabeth, Ilsebet, Elliisapetty, Ilisipat, Lisabet

Popularity of Ilsabeth and variations in U.S.


Given name Ilsabeth has faded away over time and no Nordic country have recorded any recent usage.

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