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Name: Mikkeline No. of characters: 9 Gender: Girl Origin: DanishUsed in: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish How to pronounce Mikkeline mi-kke-li-ne What does my name mean?

The baby girl name Mikkeline has it"s roots in Danish language commonly used in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish. The meaning of Mikkeline is still unknown.. We were unable to find the meaning of Mikkeline.


Derivatives: Mikjel, Miggile, Mikkjel Spelling variants: Mihkkel Other variants: Miggili, Mekel More baby names that came from Michael: Micha, Mykelti (Hebrew American), Min, Mical, Mykhailo, Mihailo, Mikheil, Mikjáll, Mickey, Mickael, Mihály (Hungarian), Mikaere, Milko (Latin Hebrew), Mica, Mikael, Mickel, Mykal, Mikhael, Mikkel, Miquel, Johnmichael, Mihails, Mikell, Micheal, Midge, Mikelle, Mika, Migoš, Mykhaila, Maichail, Mikhailo, Miska (Yiddish), Mihhaelo, Mikelis, Michaelyn, Mckale, Michale, Mychael, Mikol, Mykell, Mihal, Mykolas, Miko, Myke, Makal, Meical, Misi, Michon, Fawziyya, Makell, Mihkel, Myscha, Carmichael (Scottish), Mikel, Mihajlo, Mikeal, Michalis, Miguel, Miho, Mícheál (Irish), Mikaili, Micahel, Miks, Mikal, Myghal, Mykel, Misa, Micheil, Mitxel, Micael, Maikel, Machael (Hebrew), Ascanius, Mikko, Makis, Michiel, Miky (Hebrew Japanese), Mysha, Makai, Makel, Deana, Mikelo, Mihail, Minka (Hebrew African), Mihai, Izzie, Mitch (Hebrew Old French), Michaell, Demichael (American), Mychal, Liborius, Deavon, Mike, Makael, Mickaël (French), Mihovil

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