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Aava WinterWishHopeTake Aashka of AartiBlessingsMaybe Strength
Aavah Purposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamousHospitableWelcomingFaithBelieveDevotee of GodUnknown
Aaven Purposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamousHospitableWelcomingYoung LadyMaidenDifferentGoddess DurgaGracefulSummaryGistPowerfulMeaningfulLiving
Aavi Smoke
Aavin A WendWandererFullProsperousAmply SettledCivilisedBlessingsBlessing
Aavion Purposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamousHospitableWelcomingYoung LadyMaidenDifferentGoddess DurgaGracefulSummaryGistPowerfulMeaningfulLiving
Aavya Sea of BitternessBiblical NameRebelliousnessPregnant MotherStar of the SeaWished-for ChildBitterSea of SorrowProphetessScrapedRocksBelovedDawnDawn's LightSpring SeasonVasanth RituGoddess Laxmi
Aavyn WinterWishHopeTake Aashka of AartiBlessings
Ahava Son of AdamSon of the Red EarthIn the Bible God Created Adam-the First Man-out of the Red Earth and Breathed Life into HimLoved One
Ava VoiceCallSatellite CommunicationAliveLiving
Bhargava Lord Shiva
Bronislava Dark ComplexionedPale SkinnedDarkPaleWhiteDark-hairedBlackmanPale-skinnedBlack
Chava HeavenlyMoonOf SkyGoddess of the MoonDivineSimilar to Celia or SelenaA French Pirate Name is Celine Le BeakLife-giving
Dava A BranchTo Draw WaterFlower NameBoughWineWater
Flava Jehovah IncreasesBurning OnesFieryThe Lord Judges
Gustava ValleyValley in the MountainsFrom GlenGlen is a Narrow Valley Between Hills
Hava Fair OneWhite and SmoothSoft
Jatava Mighty SpearmanBlend of Jar and Darell
Java God is GraciousMerciful
Kava PureForm of Catherine
Kiava Dark SkinnedSwamp FriendLittle Dark OneDarkBlackSweet SmellFragrance
Ladislava IncenseRule
Mava Sea of BitternessBlend of Mary with Suffix LynBitterBeloved Lake
Miroslava Form of WillaminaWillDesireHelmetProtectionResoluteStrongLoveWill-helmetMotherBitternessChild of the Red EarthGreat
Naava From the Wealthy Man's MountainForm of MontgomeryFrom the Mount of the Rich ManMountainHappy for Entire Life
Nava Full of GraceFavorGraceVariant of Anne FavorLordRulerA BoatVery True BoyTune
Octava Born on ChristmasChrist's BirthdayNatal DayForm of NatalieTo be Born-from Natalia
Rava RavishingGod has HealedHealed by God
Sava Saint who was a trainer of young monks
Shadava Asked of GodTold by GodGod Heard
Stanislava ResurrectionFruitfulShall be RebornForm of AnastasiaGiving FruitSlavic origin, feminine form of Stanislaw (meaning composition of "steadfastness" and "glory").
Tava Boot MakerTallSurnameBloodhound
Trava Praiseworthy
Treava Watch TowerFrom the Craggy HillsConquerorVictoryCastleWatchtowerDerived from Victoria Triumphant
Vava SmallLittle
Vladislava MeadowBeaver-streamDecentDomesticatedPolite SweetRequester
Wava YouthfulSpring GreenGreenPlace of Alder TreesAbbreviations of Vernon or LavernForm of VerdiSpring LikeDiscriminating
Yaroslava Graceful RoseFame

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