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Abra FireCloudLessonA Kind of BoatExampleFather of a MultitudeHebrew origin, feminine form of AbrahamFather of the Amount
Abraam High FatherVariant of Abram
Abraar God RemembersVariant of Zachariah and ZacharyDeerWolfThe Lord is My FatherGift of GodYahweh is My Father
Abrah Father of the People
Abraham FaultlessFather of a Multitude and Many NationsFather Of Many
Abrahan A WendWanderer
Abraheem Head of a MonasteryFather's JoyGives JoyThe IntelligentFather of ExaltationFather in Rejoicing
Abrahem FatherGodArjuna's Son
Abrahim Purposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamous
Abrahm Father
Abram High FatherExalted Father
Abran Variant of Abram (the original name of Abraham which was later changed to Abraham) and means "Exalted father or father of multitude"
Abranda Feminine form of AbranFirm DefenderMountain Strength
Abrar A Truthful PersonSaint
Abraxas FaultlessFather of a Multitude and Many Nations
Avraham Wild BoarBorn in AprilBoar-warrior
Braham Supreme God
Caddaham From the Soldier's Land
Graham WarringWarlikeGray HomesteadFrom the Gray HomeGravel HomeGrand Gravel HomeGravelly HomesteadMaybe Grey House
Habraham CheerfulHappyStrangerLight of God
Ibraham Father of a MultitudeA Prophet's NameAbrahamEarth
Ingraham Raven of Angila
Maham From the TowerWife of Mughal Emperor Zahiruddin Baber
Saham Beautiful GirlRoyalHighest LadyThe Wife of a KingQueenPeace

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