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Agneda Little Female BearKnowledgeUnderstandingWisdom and KnowledgeFrom Wine CountryHeroicNobleKindAdornmentJewel
Agnella From HadriaDark
Agnello Angel
Agnes Latin or Greek origin, meaning: the Pure. In Germany spread for a millennium and unchanged popular. Known among others by Friedrich Hebbel's tragedy "Agnes Bernauer" (1852). Namesake: Agnès Varda, French film director.
Agnesa Dark and RichWoman from HadriaSunSunlightThe SunExtending FarProfoundUnimaginableIntelligentmainly Italian Nebenform of Agnes (meaning: the Pure).
Agnese Ruler of the HouseShort Form of HenriettaGenerousFemale Version of HenryPleasureDelightIn the BibleName of Two Israelites of the Returned CommunityThe Pure
Agness LilyForm of Susan
Agnessa HappinessPraiseLuckyThe Pure
Agneta Fire
Agnete The Pure
Agnew Curly HairedFoot-soldier
Agnieszka Son of AdamSon of the Red EarthIn the Bible God Created Adam-the First Man-out of the Red Earth and Breathed Life into HimThe Pure
Agnita LilyForm of SusanNobleForm of AdelaideNoble and of Kind SpiritNoble MindedDecorationFridayBeautifulGorgeousDelicateSlenderRefinedGentleThe Pure
Agnus HolyChaste
Borgny PrettyGoodSweetStrangeForeignCharmingBeautiful
Dagny Ford Near the CliffName of a PlaceNear a Slope
Marigny PearlRussian Form of Margaret

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