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Abdinajib The Lord has RememberedPeaceful and QuietOne who is Steadfast in Happy and SorrowRulerLard Vinayaka
Aji Dwells at the Ash Tree GroveDwells at the Ash Tree MeadowTaste
Ajia BlackDarkOf the AdriaticQuick
Ajiah My Own MeadowHermitage inAt the ClearingPlace NameHis Very Own MeadowHe Fights for What is hisOf Noble BirthUnconquered
Ajiana BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
Ajianna BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
Ajit BlackDarkOf the AdriaticUnconquerableInvincibleVictorious
Ajita InvincibleIrresistibleAlways WinningA WinnerUnconquerable
Ajitesh My Own MeadowDerived from the British Nottinghamshire Place Name of AnsleyFrom the Awe Inspiring One's MeadowPlace NameHis Very Own MeadowThe UnbornLove of VishnuVishnu
Ajith Dark and RichWoman from HadriaInvincible
Ajiya Little Female BearKnowledgeUnderstandingWisdom and KnowledgeFrom Wine CountryHeroic
Ajiyah LilyForm of Susan
Najib From Near the MillsMile's SonExcellentNobleIntelligentOf High-born Parentage

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