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Ayli WarmBurning with Enthusiasm
Bayla PledgeVariant of Carlene and CharleneOath
Baylaa ForeignStrangerSimilar to Barbara
Baylan Form of AugustusReveredExaltedWorthy of RespectGreatMagnificentVery HappyIndestructibleFamousLuminousBrilliantThe Most ShiningShiningRadiant
Bayle MajesticDignityGrandeurGreatMagnificentWorthy of RespectHoly
Baylee Law EnforcerBailiffCourtyard Within Castle WallsStewardPublic OfficialSurnameAn OfficerManager
Bayleen ForeignStrangerSimilar to Barbara
Bayleigh Bailiff
Baylen Auburn HairedVariant of Bayard
Bayler From the Barley FarmPlace NameBarley SettlementBright RavenForm of BartholomewHill
Bayless Son of ProphecySon of ConsolationSon of the Right HandSon of ExhortationSon of Comfort
Bayley Law EnforcerBailiffStewardIn the Middle Ages a Bailiff was a Minor Officer of the LawCourtyard Within Castle WallsPublic OfficialSurname
Baylian Smiling
Baylie Law EnforcerBailiffCourtyard Within Castle WallsStewardPublic OfficialSurname
Baylon Smiling
Baylor WarriorThe Title of Nobility Used as a First NameFrom the Land that was Burned
Bayly StewardBailiffIn the Middle Ages a Bailiff was a Minor Officer of the Law
Baylynn NobleBearRockNoble StrengthStone
Cayli Bold
Dayli God is My JudgeForm of DanaFrom DenmarkTo GiveGift
Hayli HarpistMinstrelHarp PlayerPrettyMakerOne who Plays the Harp
Jayli Blue JayHe who SupplantsThe Lord is SalvationVictoryBlue Crested BirdA Bird in the Crow FamilyWinName of Bird
Kayli PureKeeper of the KeysDescendant Of Caollaidhe
Layli Lace LikeLacyNight
Makayli Mother of the RomansWoman of RomePurifiedDerived from the Roman Given Name Levinia
Mayli Lovable
Mckayli LionessKeeperBig HeadName of a River
Mikayli Bringer of LightLightThe Light of India
Nayli From Near the MillsMile's SonNewRole Model of WorldEver Fresh
Rayli Strong CounselorFrom the Ancient Personal Name RagnarPretty
Sayli Red HairedHeadlandRedSurnameWoodRoseRealA RiverGoddess SaraswatiSweat
Shayli CatlikeForm of SabineOf Ancient Italian CultureWoman from the Sabine TribeBeautifulPure OneAlwaysForm of SarahPrincess
Tayli God Gift
Thayli TheresaFourth ChildHarvesterStarWealth

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