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Aldrich OldAged and Wise RulerOld Wise Leader
Alldrich Old Leader
Deitrich Place NameValleyOccupational NameChurch OfficialDivine
Derrich FamousBrightShiningClearDiminutive of Clarence
Detrich Sunny DayShining OneBright Like DaytimeBright NobilityModern
Diedrich Rich and Powerful RulerPowerfulRich RulerDominant RulerPeaceful RulerStrong PowerHardy PowerPowerful RulerBraveFirst of the People
Dietbold Old High German origin, meaning composition of "folk" and "bold".
Dieter Blend of Daryl and Harold or GeraldPeople
Dietmar BeeTo Speak Kind WordsHebrewQueen BeePeople
Dietra Form of ClementMercifulMildGiving Mercy
Dietrich Eye of the DayFlower NameDay's EyeFrom the SouthRuler Of The People
Dietrick RoseFlower NameRose GardenFair RosePresent
Dietta Dominant RulerPowerful RulerBraveDiminutive of RichardRhyming Variant of Rick
Eldrich Old Leader
Elldrich Old Leader
Emerich WorkRichPowerful RulerBrave
Emmerich NobleAristocratic LadyPrincessBrave
Erich Sun RayShiningForm of EleanorVariant of HelenBrightnessMercyTorchMoon ElopeMoonAlone-Ruler
Frederich Free ManFree Landholder
Fredrich FreeFrom France
Friedrich French TownCurly HairStrawberryOf the Forest MenVariant of FraserPeace
Heinrich A MoorWastelandHeathHome
Kendrich Brave Cheiftain
Kenrich Chief HeroRoyal Ruler
Oldrich Woad HillPlace NameRichSong
Patrich Regular Winner
Rich Rich and Powerful RulerForm of RichardPowerfulOld LeaderDominant RulerPowerful and Brave Ruler
Roderich FifthSurnameVariant of Quentin FifthDog of the PlainFame
Shedrich SwordsmanKnifeSingle Edged Knife
Ulrich Noble LeaderRuler of AllHighborn RulerPower of the WolfNobleKindWorld RulerPatrimony

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