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Anavaeh Counsel from the ElvesElfMagical CounselPrincessHigh-born GirlSpeechProsperousTreetopProverb
Anevaeh NobleOf the NobilityProtectorManWarriorVoluminous
Avaeh Friend of the PeopleThe People's FriendExileVoyager
Davaeh God is My JudgeFeminine Variant of DanielBrightGrapesPerceiveVisionWineSee
Devaeh Court AttendantDweller by the Dark StreamCourt-dwellerDomain of CurtisFrom CourtenaySnub NosedCourtlyCourteousRoyal Attendant
Evaeh Similar to ClaraBrightFamousBeautifulClear
Javaeh Fragrant FlowerModern Variant of JasmineCombination of Jocelyn and the Musical Term Jazz
Jevaeh HeavenGardenVariant of JaneThe Lord is Gracious
Kevaeh Beautiful
Lavaeh Crowned with LaurelsForm of Lawrence
Levaeh He will be PraisedForm of JudithAdmiredJewishA Women from JudeaPraise
Navaeh From the Wealthy Man's MountainForm of MontgomeryFrom the Mount of the Rich ManMountain
Nevaeh ChampionFeminine of NeilVictorNightMusicHeaven
Nivaeh Wealthy GuardianSanctuaryVoiceCallBorn of SundayA DecreeCommandNiceTraditional
Nyvaeh Dark CloudChampionDark NightBlack
Savaeh Island MeadowCourageousSun
Sevaeh SmallHumbleStringLittle

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