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Fredeline FreeFrom France
Frederi FloweringIn Bloom
Frederic Peace
Frederica Peaceful RulerPeace through Bravery
Frederich Free ManFree Landholder
Frederick Peaceful RulerElfMagical Counsel
Fredericka Peaceful Ruler
Frederico French TownCurly HairStrawberryVariant of Fraser of the Forest MenPeace
Frederik FreeDiminutive of Frank FreeFrankie is Occasionally Used for GirlsFrench ManA Man Form FranceFrom FranceFree OnePeace
Frederika Form of FrederickPeaceCounsel from the ElvesElfMagical CounselPeaceful RulerPowerHoly Peacemaking
Frederique WoodsmanOf the WoodsForestLives in Wood

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