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Gertrude Strength of a SpearSpear HunterSpear StrengthBeloved Warrior
Getrude Mighty with a SpearTo WatchSpear BraveStrength of the SpearBold SpearGentle
Girtrude Peaceful RulerPeace through Bravery
Gurtaaj Gray-haired
Gurtaj Crown
Gurtej From GermanyGlory of Guru
Gurtha GoldGildedBlond
Gurtie GoldGildedBlond
Gurtrude BattlerWarrior
Gurtrue BattlerWarrior
Ortrude ChristmasBorn on Christmas Day
Trude Fighting WomanDiminutive of GertrudeBeloved WarriorStrength of the SpearSpear Maiden

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