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Aaden Yew Tree EstateFrom the Farm of Yew TreesFrom YorkIdealFire
Aden Curly HairedFoot-soldierFire
Ajaden Strength of GodThe Memory of the LordThe Lord has RememberedGod will StrengthenAbbreviation of Ezekiel
Baden Surname
Bladen NobleBearRockAdherent of the Goddess Artemis
Braden Descendent Of BRADÁNBroad HillsideSalmonFrom the Broad ValleyDescendant Of Bradan
Breaden Beaver-stream
Caaden Place NameBarn for Cows
Caden Son Of CadÁNA Place NameSon Of Cadán
Chaden MelodySongForm of CarolManlyFemale Version of CharlesCarlDarlingSong of Joy
Daden DoveThe WoodsDiminutive of Culver
Draden DarkForm of DorsetA TribeRelated to Dorset
Eaden EyeSea
Garaden From the Three Cornered Hill
Graden Gray-hairedSon of the Gray FamilySon of Gregory
Haden From the Heather Covered HillFrom the Hedged ValleyFrom the Hill of HeatherHeathen
Jaada From the GlenValleyGlenIt is a Narrow Valley Between HillsIsland
Jaade From the GlenValleyGlenIt is a Narrow Valley Between HillsIsland
Jaaden Bright MindForm of HughBright in Mind and Spirit
Jacaden Life
Jaden RainbowFlowerRadianceThankful
Jakaden Bright MindForm of HughBright in Mind and SpiritVictorious
Jeaden HealerVariant of Names Like Jason and Jacob
Jhaden Mighty SpearmanBlend of Jar and Darell
Kaaden Son of JohnFrom John's Farm
Kaden Son of JohnFrom John's FarmYouthCompanionSon Of Cadán
Keaden Jehovah has GivenGift of God
Khaden Fearless LeaderRoyal Ruler
Laden Follower of ChristNickname for ChristopherFrontiersman Kit CarsonAnointedChristianNickname for KatherineForm of CatherinePure
Macaden From the Island of Linden TreesA LakeA Place of Linden Trees
Maden One who is ElevatedWoman from MagdalaFrom the High Tower
Makaden Famous WarriorDiminutive of LewisIn WalesRenowned WarriorLike a LionResembling a Lion
Mckaden LadyMistress of the HouseMistressDedicated to Mars
Micaden BitterSea of BitternessA Combination of Marie and AnneRebelliousnesses Wished for ChildA Blend of Marie Star of the Sea and AnneStar of the Sea
Naden From the Wealthy Man's MountainForm of MontgomeryFrom the Mount of the Rich ManMountain
Paden RoyalLittle PatricianLittle Noble
Shaden Sun ChildBright SunDewMorning Dew
Sladen KingPrincipal OneMember of Royal FamilyLoveChiefFirst
Taden Wide MeadowFrom St DenisPureChaste
Tjaden Thunder Ruler
Traden Graceful RoseRose
Vaden The Lord is GoodFrom the Hebrew Tobiah Jah is GoodGoodness of GodGod is Good
Waden TwinForm of Thomas
Xaden A WendWanderer
Yaden BrightPureName of Colour

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