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Afshan ShadowThe Tingling of the EarRighteousUprightSincereJusticeNobleEqualAlikeGod is EternalHigh-bornBraveNobilityTo Sprinkle
Akshan Eye
Alishan FairHandsomeBoth a Diminutive of AlbertNobleRockComelyTo SootheBearer of the LightScorpionThe Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Arshan Brave
Ashan GraceFavourGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourMercyGraciousEagleGodVariant of Hebrew Hannah
Bashan Near the Barns
Darshan God is My JudgeFeminine Variant of DanielBrightGrapesPerceiveVisionWineSeeSightViewTo PerceiveVisionPhilosophyPaying Respect
Dashan An Occasion of Seeing a Holy Person or the Image of a Deity
Deshan Of the Mountain
Dilshan Rich and Powerful RulerStrong RulerSon of Dick
Dishan RoseFlower NameRose GardenFair RosePresentSides of HappinessA ThresherA Species of Gazelle
Dreshan Gift of GodGift
Dushan FirmEnduring
Eashan Bird NameLord Vishnu
Eeshan Lord Shiva
Eshan Name of a River in South Wales and a Cathedral and Town in CambridgeshireForm of EliElevationThe Lord will HelpThe HighestThe Lord is My GodShiningPassion of the SunLordMaster
Gurshan From GermanyHeart of GodHeart of the GuruSoul of GuruHis BanishmentThe Change of Pilgrimage
Harshan Lustrous splendor of GodHas to do with happiness
Ishan From the GlenValleyGlenIt is a Narrow Valley Between HillsLord ShivaSun
Jashan CelebrationKhusiMast
Kashan TaxHandThe Cause ofGracefulBeautifulPureFriendDarlingDear OneBelovedA Famous City
Keeshan Pure OneForm of CatherineClearSummer ForestAbbreviation of Katherine
Keshan Sweet
Kish AnointedChristian WomanVariant Form of Christine
Kisha FavoriteGreat JoyAbbreviation of LakeishaRainfall
Kishan Victorious PrinceRoyal VictoryLord Krishna
Kishana BrightWhiteEdgeBorderChiefMost Beautiful
Kishanna BrightWhiteEdgeBorderChiefMost Beautiful
Kishara BrightWhiteEdgeBorderChiefMost BeautifulRay of LightLogical
Kishaun Im Stronger then YouPoet
Kishauna Warrior ChiefNobleBraveLeader of the WarriorsRoyal Courage
Kishawn RulerCyneburg's Field
Kishawna BrightWhiteEdgeBorderChiefMost BeautifulRay of LightLogical
Kishea Im Stronger then YouPoet
Kishen YouthfulDowny-beardedVariant of JuliaJove's ChildStar Crossed Lover in the Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo and JulietYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedStar Crossed LoveWisdomWinnerPowerfulLord of Kishna
Kisher ChristianVariant Form of Christine
Kishia YouthfulDowny-beardedVariant of JuliaJove's ChildStar Crossed Lover in the Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo and JulietYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedStar Crossed Love
Kishina Bold War-leader
Kishla AnointedChristian WomanVariant Form of Christine
Kishma AnointedChristian WomanVariant Form of Christine
Kishon ChristianVariant Form of Christine
Kishonna Warrior ChiefNobleBraveLeader of the WarriorsRoyal Courage
Kishore Jehovah has GivenGift of GodLoveYoungVictory
Kishun Fair Haired
Krishan A LordLord Krishna
Lashan RejoicedShort Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with KHappyPureClearForm of KatherineVirginalKeeper of the KeysElder Sister
Leshan He will be PraisedForm of JudithAdmiredJewishA Women from JudeaPraise
Meshan Small FalconSea Fort
Nashan EnjoymentPleasureAbove AllBeautyDelightfulEs-tower of JoyGangaHonest BeautifulMother-in-law of RuthPleasantness
Nishan GiverGift of GodForm of NathanGiven by GodMiraclesSymbol
Quashan Surname Related to PaulSmallSon of Howell

Raashan FifthSurnameVariant of Quentin Fifth
Rahshan GraceDoeEweWise ProtectionVariation of RaymondFemale Sheep
Rakshan Protector
Rashan Shield WolfVariant of RandolphVictorious
Raushan FifthDerived from Roman Clan NameFrom the Place Owned by the Fifth SonSkylightBrightFamous Person
Rayshan Powerful ArmyStrong CounselorFrom the Ancient Personal Name Ragnar
Rishan Good Human Being
Roshan A PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard WorkingShiningLightningHappy and CoolIlluminationBright
Shan PridePrestigeOldFamousRespectedWise OneOld WiseDignitySplendour
Shushan SheererServantShear Man
Sudarshan Of High QualityPureVariant of a Name Given Pre-medieval Refiners of SilverEasternerANice LookingHandsome
Taishan ForestFrom the ForestWoodWoman of the Wood
Tashan Wide MeadowFrom St Denis
Toshan Satisfaction
Tyshan Stony MeadowFrom the Stony VillageWater DropsHeroPalGodSnowFine Drops of WaterCold Water DropletsWinterFrostSwift
Vishan FourthForm of RebeccaTiedJoyQuietLifeKnowledgeHappyFull of JoyPleasingAlways be HappySmilingPleasantCheerful PersonalityPriceless
Zeeshan God is FairJustice of the LordRighteousness of GodFrom ZedekiahStrength
Zeshan A DriverWheel Maker
Zishan Yew Tree EstateFrom the Farm of Yew TreesFrom York

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