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Born Lives in a HutDwelling PlaceSnowExcellentBraveHurricaneForeignStrangeStranger
Claborn Camp of the SoldiersFortFrom the Fortified CampFrom the Rock FortressAwarenessSoldier's CampIf
Claiborn From the Clay BrookBrook Near a Clay-bed
Clayborn LameDisabledLimping
Dearborn Place NameBrook of the DeerFrom the Deer Brook
Deerborn Place NameBrook of the Deer
Freeborn Born Free
Labon Follower of ChristFrom the Camp of the Roman Army
Laborn Follower of ChristNickname for ChristopherFrontiersman Kit CarsonAnointedChristianNickname for KatherineForm of CatherinePure
Lilborn Famous WarriorDiminutive of LewisIn WalesRenowned WarriorLike a LionResembling a Lion
Melborn From the Mill Stream
Newborn Woman from MagdalaWoman from KynthosThe Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of GalileeFatA Mixed Caste
Osborn GodDivine WarriorBear of God
Radborn From the Red Brook
Raeborn From the Roe-deer Brook
Rayborn From the Roe-deer Brook
Sanborn From the Sandy Brook
Sandborn From the Sandy Stream
Seaborn RufusRed-hairedRed SkinnedLittle Red One
Shaborn ArdorArdentFieryZealous
Sherborn From the Bright Stream
Unborn Universal StrengthStrength of a SpearDiminutive of Ermentrude
Welborn From the Spring Brook
Wellborn From the Spring-fed Stream
Wilborn From the White Island

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