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Albern Albern is a masculine name originated from Teutonic and means noble courage, noble leader or of noble valor. But with time, the German word showed a shift in it's usage and now used as an alternative of "silly" although it's connotation isn't that strong but still you should keep that in mind if you chose to name your baby Albern
Bern Derived from the English Place NameWhiteWithinIntelligentDestructionEvening TimeA Flower - Jasmine
Clabern Follower of ChristDiminutives of Any MasculineFeminine Name Beginning with ChristAnointed ChristianAbbreviation of Christine
Elbern ArdentFieryForceful
Lebern Form of LeanderLion-like Man
Lebert TiredWearyMeadowDelicateBringer of Good NewsFatiguedMeadow Pasture
Leberta He BeholdsRichGod's GraceGod SeesForesightedWealthySweetheartNight BeautyNocturnalNightfallBelovedDark-haired BeautyHolyBlessedDark Beauty
Lilbern Defender of MankindFeminine of AlexanderDefending Men
Melbern Prosperous in WarJoyousProsperityBattleRich GiftStrife for WealthRich in War
Milbern Dweller by the SpringFrom Maccus's PoolFrom the Great WellMack's WellSurnameThe Stream of MackHard Hitter
Newbern LadyPrincess
Sebern LadyPrincess
Wilbern From the White Field

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