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Aaronjames A DriverWheel MakerSmartToothySpearLucky in LifeLucky AngelLight
Adrianjames Little Female BearKnowledgeUnderstandingWisdom and KnowledgeFrom Wine CountryHeroicNobleKindAdornmentJewelMountainHard as RockSeven
Aidanjames BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
Aidenjames Father
Albertjames FairHandsomeBoth a Diminutive of Albert
Alexanderjames Resolute ProtectorWill-helmetWillHelmetBoldBraveSon of willLightPowerful
Andrewjames MotherGod-like
Anthonyjames My Own MeadowPlace NameThe Awesome One's Meadow
Brandonjames From the Dark ValleyBroad Hillside
Christianjames Similar to CarletonFrom the Farmer's LandFrom Charles Dwelling
Codyjames AnointedForm of ChristopherChrist-bearerAbbreviation of ChristineCrystal
Dakotajames Mossy PlaceSon of the Marsh-dwellersRockCoastal RocksSon of CarrMarsh AreaSurname
Danieljames HeiferGentleCalf
Davidjames Yadav
Dustinjames FirmEnduring
Dylanjames Valiant FighterDusty PlaceBrave Warrior
Edwardjames Wealthy FriendPrincess
Ericjames IndustriousAll-containingUniversalEmbracing EverythingWholeEntireAll
Ethanjames Sun RayShiningForm of EleanorVariant of HelenBrightnessMercyTorchMoon ElopeMoon
Evanjames FruitfulProductive
Fitzjames Son of James
Jacobjames ArcherYewBorn ArmyYew WoodYew Wood was Used for Bows
James SupplanterJimmyVariant of JacobHolds the HeelHe who SupplantsA Cheerful BoyYahweh May Protect
Jaxonjames God is GraciousMerciful
Jaydenjames Gift from GodMercifulThe Lord is GraciousVictorious
Jeffreyjames ClimberIvy PlantAn Evergreen Climbing Ornamental PlantA VineGod's GiftFragrantClimbing Vine PlantYewA CreeperGod will Increase Your BoundaryBorne in PainA HealerA HealingThe Lord is SalvationTo Heal
Jessejames Variant of Gerald Rules by the SpearForm of GeraldSpear WarriorSpear Ruler
Jessiejames Variant of Gerald Rules by the SpearForm of GeraldSpear WarriorSpear Ruler
Jjames Divinely PeacefulVariant of JeffreyPeace
Johnjames Jehovah ExistsGift
Jonathanjames God is GraciousAbbreviation of Names Like Joanna and JosephineIt is also Used as a Prefix in Compound Names Like Jobeth and JolisaHe will Enlarge
Josephjames Has Shown FavorVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been Gracious
Joshuajames Female Version of JohnThe Lord is Gracious
Justinjames Son of JohnFrom John's Farm
Kingjames Small and Dark-skinnedDarkSwarthyLittle Dark OneBlackLittle Black OneBlack Irish
Liamjames Mother of the RomansWoman of RomePurifiedDerived from the Roman Given Name Levinia
Loganjames Like a LionRulingResembling a Lion
Marcusjames From LeslieFrom the Gray CastleGarden of HolliesSmall MeadowThe Gray CastleHolly GardenDwells at the Gray FortressGarden in the Paradise
Masonjames From the Town by the Marsh
Matthewjames WarlikeOf MarsThe Roman God of WarServant of MarsForm of MartinLike MarsRoman God MarsGift from God
Michaeljames Bad SettlementLeaderHillsideTown by the MillFrom the Industrious One's TownFrom Malleville
Nathanieljames From the Wealthy Man's MountainFrom the Mount of the Rich ManMountain Belonging to the RulerOf the MountainFrom Montgomery
Nathanjames FoggyMistyStarSuccessSafety
Noahjames People's VictoryCleanPureTalent PersonThe One who is PureWithout Any ImpurityKingWay to Right PathLeader of Good Way
Patrickjames Of the Forest
Richardjames King's AdviserCounselor-rulerRules with CounselPracticeMan of Sterling Qualities
Robertjames Old LeaderStrong Power
Ryanjames Famous RulerVariant of Roderick Famous RulerRenown Island
Sirjames Shepherd

Taylorjames To EndurePatienceOne of the Many Qualities and Virtues that the Puritans Adopted as Names After the ReformationEnduringTo Suffer
Thomasjames Thunder RulerPowerfulThorThe God of ThunderFollower of ThorStubborn
Timothyjames Virile
Trevorjames Fair TownAbbreviation of Trevelyan
Tristanjames Fair TownAbbreviation of Trevelyan
Tylerjames Cut in TwoDivided in Two
Williamjames From the Wooded Hill

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