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Aana Sea of BitternessBiblical NameRebelliousnessPregnant MotherStar of the SeaWished-for ChildBitterSea of SorrowProphetessScrapedRocksBelovedDawnDawn's Light
Ahaana Place
Alaana BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
Ayaana HazelnutVariant of Medieval Given Names Avis and AvelineLifeLife GiverDesireBirdNatureTemperamentGift of GodPretty Flower
Daana Follower of ChristAnointedVariant of ChristianChristianWise and Prudent
Jaana God is Gracious
Naana MercifulInventor of the Corn MillServantSoldier
Raana EssenceOf Elegant
Saana CompanionFriendCompassionate FriendSeason
Sahaana SmallHumbleStringLittleEternalPurenessClarityPuritySerenityInnocentPurity of Mind
Sahai SmallHumbleStringLittleWaveBorn in the Ocean
Sahaira Beautiful GirlRoyalHighest LadyThe Wife of a KingQueen
Sahaj CompanionFriendCompassionate FriendSeasonRockSolidPureOld Arabic NameNaturalOriginalFemale Friend
Sahal A PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard WorkingLord Ram's DevoteesPatient
Sahalie MercifulServantPeacefulSoldierLord ShivaSteadfast
Saham Beautiful GirlRoyalHighest LadyThe Wife of a KingQueenPeace
Sahan Falcon
Sahana PatienceA Raga
Sahand RoseLittle RoseFlower NameTruthfulKindnessDewFamous GuardianStrong Loyal Person
Sahanna KingRedRegalRed Haired
Sahar SmallHumbleStringLittleSunDawnMorningTime Before Day BreakBewitch
Sahara KingLittle KingLittle RulerKinglyDescendant of RianLord ShivaWildernessName of a Desert
Saharah Combination of Rose and AnnaFavour
Sahari Combination of Rose and AnnaFavour
Saharra Combination of Rose and AnnaFavour
Saharrah SmallHumbleStringLittlePriestly
Saharsh Form of QuentinBorn FifthWith Joy
Sahas CourageBravery
Sahasra A New BeginningThousand TimesGoddess LaxmiIntelligentFullness of MantraThe Whole Sum of the Name in the World (Type of the Name in the World 1008)
Shaana PrincessBurning OneSerpentWife of Abraham
Taana To EndurePatienceOne of the Many Qualities and Virtues that the Puritans Adopted as Names After the ReformationEnduringTo Suffer

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